Creeper no Break Blocks Mod (1.20.1, 1.20) is a meticulously crafted modification that introduces a strategic aspect to dealing with creepers. Unlike the traditional Minecraft experience where creepers destroy blocks upon detonation, this mod aims to provide players with more control over the destructive capabilities of these iconic mobs. The mod’s primary focus is to create a balanced and customizable gameplay experience by allowing players to prevent block damage caused by creepers.


  • Controlled Explosions: Creeper No Break Blocks Mod introduces a unique mechanic where players can configure whether creepers will destroy blocks upon exploding. This feature adds a layer of strategy, as players must decide when to allow block damage for challenge or prevent it to preserve their creations.
  • Customizable Gameplay: The mod offers customization options, allowing players to configure the behavior of creepers regarding block damage. Players can tailor the mod’s settings to match their desired level of challenge and immersion.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: The mod encourages players to make strategic decisions when encountering creepers. They can choose to allow block destruction in challenging situations or prevent it to safeguard their structures.
  • Enhanced Building Experience: By allowing players to prevent block damage, the Creeper No Break Blocks Mod enhances the overall building experience, as players can focus on constructing without the constant threat of accidental destruction.


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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Creeper no Break Blocks Mod (1.20.1, 1.20) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.20.1

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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