CubicBlocks Map. Just a little Puzzle/Parkour Map.


CubicBlocks Map Features:

  • No story Are you bored of long, pointless stories? Yes? Well, you’re lucky! This map doesn’t have one! Nevertheless there are still some signs in the map! Great! …or isn’t it?
  • 2 languages English and German. But my English may be incorrect. Sorry.
  • Wallruns Yop. Watch the trailer.
  • Double-Jumps Yop. Watch. The. Trailer. Now,
  • More special blocks like movable blocks, TNT and stuff.
  • Debug-System May work. Maybe not.
  • Playing time Around 30 minutes of pure fun! Maybe 2 hours, if you can’t solve the puzzles. Enjoy.
  • Resource Pack is included in the map. No extra Download needed.

Map Trailer:

Let’s Plays:


How to install:

This map works only in Singleplayer!

Requirement: Snapshot 14w27b or newer

Download links for CubicBlocks Map:

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