DirtyArrows Plugin (1.12.2) is a plugin that allows you to release the powers of your Bows. When you rename a bow in an anvil to a specific name (possibilities will be shown further down in this post), the bow becomes a real ‘Bastard’. With the plugin enabled, the special bows allow you to use their specific powers. The uses could vary from PvP, PvE, or even aesthetic uses. The config.yml allows you to enable or disable certain Bastards to your wishes. This is my second plugin made in request for a friend of mine, dirtdeluxe (it definitely was him who chose the term ‘Bastard’).


Feature Description
Protection regions Protect certain regions from being harmed by the bow abilities.
New crafting recipe for arrows This feature helps you getting arrows easier than normal. Increases the amount of arrows crafted to 16 (instead of 4).
Sustainable Flint Zombies have a 13% chance of dropping 1-2 flint.
Headshots Damage multiplier for shooting somebody in the head.
Looting Allows for enchanting bows with looting. Also increases the xp dropped.
Custom names You can customize the name of the bows in the configuration (‘bastard’ might be too much). E.g. you can rename your Exploding Bastard to “Rocket Launcher”.
Blood particles Show red particles on impact.
Coloured names Give your bows coloured names. If you do, the bows cannot be crafted regularly.
Anvil cost control Control the amount of levels each bow costs.

The Bows (The ‘Bastards’)

All 69 nice bow types will be listed here. Have you forgotten what all the names are in-game? Use /da help (from page #2) to get the possible bows with a short description. All bow names are also present in the autocompletion of commands. Make sure that you have toggled DirtyArrows on before you can shoot with your Bastards. Use /da to enable or disable the plugin for yourself. If you do not like a feature, you could always disable it in the configuration file. The listed names are the default names, you can change the names in the configuration file.

ID Bow Name (default) Description Ammo
acacia Acacia Bow Spawns an acacia tree. 1 acacia sapling, 1 bone meal
accelerating Accelerating Bow Arrows accelerate during flight.
airship Airship Bow Fly behind your arrows. 2 feathers
airstrike Airstrike Bow Arrow drops TNT during flight. At least 1 TNT
aquatic Aquatic Bow Shoot water blocks. 1 water bucket
baby Baby Bow Turns baby mobs into adult mobs, and adults into babies.
batty Batty Bow Spawns a swarm of bats on impact. 6 rotten flesh
birch Birch Bow Spawns a birch tree. 1 birch sapling, 1 bone meal
blaster Blaster Bow Arrows keep exploding during flight. 3 gunpowder
blocky Blocky Bow Places blocks from your off hand.
bomb Bomb Bow Summons a TNT drop at this place. 5 TNT
bouncy Bouncy Bow Arrows bounce off blocks surfaces.
bow Bow Bow Shoots arrows that shoot arrows.
bridge Bridge Bow Creates a temporary bridge out of blocks (configurable). At least 1 cobblestone
clucky Clucky Bow Spawns chickens. 1 egg
cluster Cluster Bow Ignite clusters of TNT. 5 TNT
curse Curse Bow Curses the target (weird effects over time). 1 fermented spider eye
darkoak Dark Oak Bow Spawns a dark oak tree. 4 dark oak saplings, 1 bone meal
disarming Disarming Bow Targets have a chance to drop their hand item/armour.
disorienting Disorienting Bow Manipulates the target’s pitch/yaw.
draggy Draggy Bow Arrows drag close entities to the landing spot.
draining Draining Bow Gain health back every hit.
drill Drill Bow Create beautiful tunnels. Requires a pickaxe, quality affected.
drop Drop Bow Teleports the target into the air.
ender Ender Bow Teleport to the location of impact. 1 ender pearl
enlightened Enlightened Bow Places torches. 1 torch
exploding Exploding Bow Explosive arrows. 1 TNT
farmers Farmer’s Bow Creates farmland, harvests crops, and plants crops. seeds (in off hand)
firework Firework Bow Splits into deadly fireworks (firework customizable). 2 firework charges
firey Firey Bow Shoot fireballs. 1 fire charge
flintand Flint and Bow Sets blocks on fire. flint and steel
frozen Frozen Bow Spawns snow/ice and freezes targets. 1 snow ball
grappling Grappling Bow Acts as a grappling hook. 1 tripwire hook
homing Homing Bow Shoot mini homing rockets. 1 gunpowder
interdimensional Interdimensional Bow Warps arrows to targets.
invincibility Invincibility Bow Powerful shots, but they make targets briefly invincible.
iron Iron Bow Shoots deadly anvils. 1 anvil
jungle Jungle Bow Spawns a jungle tree/bush. 1 jungle sapling, 1 bone meal
laser Laser Bow Fast beams that can travel through non-opaque blocks, but do less damage. 1 redstone
level Level Bow Steals levels from the target.
lightning Lightning Bow Spawns lightning. 1 glowstone dust
machine Machine Bow Shoots very quickly, and slightly inaccurate.
magmatic Magmatic Bow Shoots lava. 1 lava bucket
meteor Meteor Bow Meteors will strike on impact depending on Power level. 3 fire charges
mine Mine Bow Arrows that land turn into landmines. 3 gunpowder, 1 redstone
mining Mining Bow Mines ore veins instantly. Flame auto-smelts ores. Requires pickaxe.
multi Multi Bow Shoots multiple arrows simultaneously. 12 arrows
music Music Bow Plays a music disc at the location of impact. music disc (not consumed)
nuclear Nuclear Bow Huge boom. Radiation included. 64 TNT
oak Oak Bow Spawns an oak tree. 1 oak sapling, 1 bone meal
paralyze Paralyze Bow Paralyzes the target (nausea/slowness/blindness/weakness). 1 nether wart
poisonous Poisonous Bow Poisons the target. 1 spider eye
pull Pull Bow Pulls the target toward you.
pushy Pushy Bow Pushes away entities with great force. 3 feathers
rainbow Rainbow So pretty.
ranged Ranged Bow Shoot powerful, far-reaching arrows.
round 360 Bow Shoots arrows all around you.
shear Shear Bow Breaks all shearable blocks, and shears all shearable entities.
singularity Singularity Bow Pulls in entities, suffocates them, and explodes. 3 redstone
slow Slow Bow Shoots extremely powerful, but extremely slow arrows.
smoky Smoky Bow Creates a smokescreen and blinds entities. 1 bone meal
spruce Spruce Bow Spawns a spruce tree. 1 spruce sapling, 1 bone meal
starvation Bow of Starvation Target loses hunger points.
swap Swap Bow Swap locations with the target.
undead Undead Bow Spawns a circle of zombies. 64 rotten flesh
undying Bow of Undying Saves you from death when held.
up UP Bow Arrows have reversed gravity.
wither Wither Bow Shoots wither skulls. 3 soul sand
woodman Woodman’s Bow Tears down trees quickly.


All commands have <kbd>tab</kbd> completion where applicable.

Command Description
\da Toggle bow abilities (on/off).
\da reload Reloads the configuration file.
\da help <page> Shows the help pages, where page is the page number.
\da give <player> <bow> [ench] Gives the player a special bow. player is either the player name, @a for all, or @r for a random player. bow is either the ID number or the name. Append ench to get an unbreaking 10 infinity 1 bow.
\da ammo <player> <bow> [amount] Gives the player the ammunition required for a certain bow.
\da list Lists all regions
\da pos1 Sets the first position (at your feet).
\da pos2 Sets the second position (at your feet).
\da register <name> Registers a region by the given name. The set positions are used for the outer 2 corners.
\da remove <name> Unregisters the region with the given name.
\da visualize <name> Briefly highlights the corners of the given region.
\da tp <name> Teleports you to the centre of the given region.
\da check Check in which region you are currently in.


The config.yml allows you to enable or disable certain bows. You can also change the amount of arrows gain by crafting them. You can reload the configuration file in-game using the /da reload command.

Node Type Default Description
minigame-mode Boolean false Whether to run in minigame mode. Plugin messages are more subtle and less branded. Also hides enabled/disabled messages. Does not do much yet.
auto-enable Boolean false Whether dirty arrow abilities must be enabled automatically. Normally you need to enable DirtyArrows manually using /da. Settings this to true will enable DirtyArrows automatically when a player joins.
show-enable-message Boolean true Whether to show a message to the player when DirtyArrows got enabled/disabled for them.
show-particles Boolean true Whether the plugin should display particles (true) or not (false).
blood Boolean false Whether entities should show blood particles when damaged.
arrow-recipe-amount Integer 16 How many arrows must be crafted with the default arrow recipe.
check-for-updates Boolean true Whether to check for updates.
show-admin Boolean true If admins (with the dirtyarrows.admin permission) must be notified when a new updates is ready.
enabled Boolean true Whether headshots are enabled.
damage-multiplier Double 1.5 With what number to multiply the damage dealt when a headshot was made.
enabled Boolean true Whether zombies should drop flint or not on death.
drop-chance Double 0.1 The chance for flint to drop on death of a zombie in range [0,1] inclusive. 0 means no chance of dropping, 1 means dropping always.
maximum-drop-count Integer 2 The maximum amount of flint that can drop at once. The actual amount will be a value between 1 and this value (inclusive).
appearance-chance Double 0.125 The chance of Looting to appear on the bow in range [0,1]. A value of 0 means that it’s disabled, 1 means it will always add looting.
only-looting-chance Double 0.35 The chance that Looting is the only enchantment when enchanting in range [0,1]. A value of 0 means that looting will never be the only enchantment, 1 means that it always be.
minimum-xp-level-1 Integer 11 The minimum amount of levels required to get a level 1 looting enchantment.
minimum-xp-level-2 Integer 20 The minimum amount of levels required to get a level 2 looting enchantment.
minimum-xp-level-3 Integer 28 The minimum amount of levels required to get a level 3 looting enchantment.
name String Bows with this item name will have the effects applied. Supports colour codes.
enabled Boolean true When disabled (set to false), the bow effects will not be applied. The bow ability also won’t be loaded by the plugin.
levels Integer How many levels it costs for this bow to be renamed in the anvil (i.e. creation cost).
cooldown Integer 0 How many milliseconds each use must be apart. Has no cooldown by default.
bow settings Most bows also have specific settings. These are documented in the default config.yml file.


Permission Description
dirtyarrows Without this node, you can’t use the plugin.
dirtyarrows.admin Access to /da give, /da reload and the region commands (/da help admin).
dirtyarrows.* Access to all bows.
dirtyarrows.bow-id Access to the bow with the given id.


How to install:

  • Download a plugin of your choice.
  • Place the .jar and any other files in your plugins directory.
  • Run the server and wait for it to fully load.
  • Type stop in your Minecraft server console to bring the server to a clean stop.
  • Run the server.
  • All done! Your plugin should be installed and ready to be used.

DirtyArrows Plugin (1.12.2) Download Links

For Minecraft Bukkit 1.12

Download from Server 1

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