Fog Remover Shader (1.19) is a shader pack designed to eliminate all fog effects in the game, including but not limited to terrain, water, nether, and blindness fog. It has been compiled for the RenderDragon engine and is available for both Windows and Android versions of Minecraft.


  • Eliminates All Fog: The shader eliminates all fog effects in the game, providing clear visibility regardless of the environment.
  • Performance Improvement: The shader removes the fog code entirely, which may lead to a possible performance improvement.
  • Compatibility: The shader is designed for the RenderDragon engine. It’s compatible with all Windows 64-Bit versions after 1.16.200, x86 versions after 1.18.30, and all recent mobile builds of Minecraft.


Before installation of Fog Remover:

After installation of Fog Remover:

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you are using a version of the MCBE with the RenderDragon engine. All windows 64-Bit versions after 1.16.200 use the RenderDragon engine. x86 Versions after 1.18.30 use the RenderDragon engine. All recent mobile builds of Minecraft use the RenderDragon engine. Older versions may not have it. If you don’t have RenderDragon, please use an alternative fog remover.

How to install:

  • Windows: find the path where your game is installed. Navigate to data\renderer\materials and place the bin file in that folder.
  • Android: you must modify the APK file. Use an APK editor app or open the APK in a zip viewer, navigate to assets\renderer\materials and replace the bin file with the one provided. Install your modified APK.

Fog Remover Shader (1.19) Download Links

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