About Ghost Squadron Map

Are you ready for a new PVP mini-game? Of course you are! Ghost Squadron Map

PVP matches are something most of us are familiar with: get some weapons, slay your friends/enemies/little brother/etc in an arena, a forest, or a scale replica of the Musée du Louvre, then laugh at them as they fall over and poof out of existence. That’s all well and good, but what if everyone who was fighting was invisible?


Ghost Squadron is a team-based PvP minigame where everyone is invisible. Features four maps (by Vechs) and six classes. You can see your teammates in ghostly form, but you can only see your enemies for their particles, or if they reveal themselves to you by using an item.

Ghost Squadron Map Screenshots:




  1. No breaking or placing blocks
  2. No team griefing or sabotage
  3. No sharing gear or equipment with teammates
  4. Once you die, you’re out of the round, and you spectate
  5. No helping your team once you’re a spectator
  6. The team with the last man standing is the winner
  7. Don’t be a dick

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