Hoglins Drop Leather Mod (1.20.1) is a small but impactful addition to Minecraft’s mob drops system, centered around the concept of enhancing resource gathering through interaction with Hoglin mobs. Hoglins, hostile creatures found in the Nether, traditionally drop pork when defeated. However, this mod introduces a change that allows Hoglins to drop leather upon defeat, providing players with an additional source of this valuable resource without drastically altering the game’s balance or mechanics.


  • Leather Drops from Hoglins: The core feature of the Hoglins Drop Leather Mod is its introduction of leather drops from Hoglin mobs. When players defeat Hoglins in combat, they have a chance to obtain leather as a drop, adding a new dimension to resource gathering in Minecraft’s Nether biome.
  • Resource Variety: By allowing Hoglins to drop leather, the mod adds variety to resource gathering in Minecraft, giving players an alternative source of leather beyond traditional methods such as hunting cows or rabbits. This provides players with more options for obtaining leather, particularly in the challenging environment of the Nether.
  • Balancing Considerations: The mod takes into account balancing considerations to ensure that the addition of leather drops from Hoglins does not significantly impact the game’s balance or economy. Leather remains a relatively rare drop from Hoglins, preserving the challenge and value of obtaining this resource while still providing players with an additional avenue for acquisition.


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For Minecraft 1.20.1

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