Jelly World ShaderPack (1.20.1, 1.19.4) introduces an “earthquake effect” that makes your Minecraft world appear as if it’s constantly shaking and unstable, as if it could collapse at any moment. This effect is so intense that it’s recommended that individuals with nervous system disorders or those prone to dizziness avoid using this shader pack, as it could exacerbate these conditions. However, if you’re looking for a fun way to prank someone, this shader pack could be just what you need.


  • Jelly World Shaders also adds some detailed effects. Characters, grass, snow, wheat, and other elements “bounce” up and down, and water splashes around wildly. However, be warned that these effects could potentially induce motion sickness in some people.




Iris Shaders Mod (Optional)

How to install:

Jelly World ShaderPack (1.20.1, 1.19.4) Download Links

For All Versions from Minecraft 1.7.10 to Minecraft 1.20.1, 1.19.4

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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