About Jeoffrey’s Chamber Map

Jeoffrey’s Chamber Map is a really fun small adventure map built for Singleplayer only!


Jeoffrey’s Chamber Map Videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Jeoffrey’s Chamber Rules:

  • Only break blocks when you’re told to.
  • Turn sound to 100% and music to 0%
  • Moody is best.
  • You’re never getting out.

How to install:

  • Please visit the following link for full instructions: How To Download & Install Minecraft Maps
  • Don’t miss out today’s latest Minecraft Maps
  • Open options, “Resource Packs”, then “Open Resource Pack Folder”. Drag the “Jeoffreys Chamber Part 2 Resource Pack.zip” into that folder. Then close that window. Now go back to your “Resource Packs” list and select the “Jeoffreys Chamber Part 2 Resource Pack” to use it.
  • You now have to open your saves folder. The easiest way of doing this is going back to the resource packs folder and going up a folder until you reach your .minecraft folder. Now open the “Saves” folder and drag the “Jeoffreys Chamber Part 2 Map” into there.
  • You can now go back to your Minecraft main menu, select single player and then play the map.

Download links for Jeoffrey’s Chamber Map:

Part 1: Download from Server 1

Part 2: Download from Server 1

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