Level Border Mod (1.20.1, 1.18.2) provides players with the ability to establish borders within their Minecraft worlds. These borders act as physical limits, defining the playable area and introducing a structured environment for gameplay. Whether you’re a server administrator looking to create distinct regions or a player seeking to add a challenge to your survival world, the Level Border Mod offers a tool to shape the boundaries of your Minecraft experience.


  • Customizable Border Size: The mod allows players to customize the size of the level border, determining the playable area within their world. This feature enables tailored experiences, whether you’re creating a compact challenge map or a sprawling adventure landscape.
  • Dynamic Border Shape: Level Border Mod may introduce the ability to shape the border dynamically. Whether you prefer a square, circular, or irregular boundary, this feature allows for creative and varied world designs.
  • Block Repellent: To maintain the integrity of the level border, the mod may include a block repellent feature. This prevents certain specified blocks or entities from crossing the border, adding a layer of complexity to world management.
  • Command-Driven Adjustments: The mod provides commands that allow players or server administrators to adjust the level border dynamically during gameplay. This flexibility ensures that the border can adapt to evolving player needs and challenges.


  • /levelborder set <size>: Sets the size of the level border.
  • /levelborder shape <shape>: Defines the shape of the level border.
  • /levelborder repellent add <block>: Adds a block to the list of repellent blocks.
  • /levelborder adjust <size>: Adjusts the size of the level border during gameplay.


  • levelborder.set: Allows players to set the size of the level border.
  • levelborder.shape: Permits players to define the shape of the level border.
  • levelborder.adjust: Grants players the ability to adjust the size of the level border during gameplay.
  • levelborder.admin: Provides server administrators access to all mod-related commands and features.


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