Have you ever played puzzle games? You would remember the level of gravity use to solve the puzzles. Based on that idea, Lord Of Gravitation Map will bring players difficult puzzles, requiring them to use both memory and agility of thinking to pass the level.

Lord Of Gravitation Map Logo

The game rules are very simple; you can use available items in the beginning to switch the gravity (from the top to bottom, north to south, east to west or vice versa). It is a note that the gravity only affects to Villager, the “key” to finish the level. We will bring Villager to a blank box called “keyhole” and then the next game will be opened.

Lord Of Gravitation Map 1

Lord Of Gravitation Map 2

Be careful! Villager will die if it has touched to lava, so do you. Generally, this would probably be a nightmare for those who have played carelessly or novice.

Lord Of Gravitation Map 3

Every 10 levels along with the puzzles with the increase of difficulty, this will promise you a map with exciting rage-quit moments or angry experiences for hot-tempered gamers.

How to install Lord Of Gravitation Map:

  • Download your Maps.
  • Start>Run>%appdata%.
  • Open .minecraft folder.
  • Open your version folder.
  • Find saves folder.
  • Drag your Maps you have downloaded there.
  • Open Minecraft and choose map from worlds selection menu.
  • Enjoy!

Download links for Lord Of Gravitation Map

Download > for Minecraft 1.10.2


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