LostWorld Mod 1.7.10 is a mod of mobs, creatures with different AI. This mod will make your life harder to play in Minecraft.

LostWorld Mod


  • Spider Mother: a big monster, very smart, strong and mortal. The spider AI is very cool and makes it very dangerous and amazing! You can tame and ride it! You can use it in PvP mode!
  • Spider mini: small version of spider mother with normal AI but they are lethal in groups. Use lost world torch to hypnotize them!
  • Cyborg: a very cool friend that you can have. Cyborg will follow and protect you like a dog and will attack any mob that attacks you. Cyborgs respond to your command to attack any other entity that you want. Cyborgs can fly with jetpacks, walk on water and lava! They have an inventory to get items for you. They can find ores for you in a very cool way!
  • Giant Ant: a bug monster, very fast and very dangerous. You can tame and ride it! You can use it in PvP mode!
  • Mini ant: very small ant but they will attack you if you step on it or attack it. They can get your equiped item or armor and run away from you! Take care with these small creatures lol
  • Giant Ant Queen: A very big ant but very slow. It is very dangerous because you can’t hit it with your sword without be attacked back. It drops mini ants that will protect it! Kill a giant ant queen and get the special sugar that it will drop, use this sugar to tame the Giant Ant!
  • Angry Villager: a normal villager, but if you attack it with your hands a lot of time, they will drop special items but they will attack you back with arrows!
  • Bats: lives in LostWorld dimension only. DO NOT walk at night on snow biome without a torch equipped or you will be attacked and will die quickly. You can’t hit or kill these bats.
  • Anger Fish: leaves deep inside oceans. Attack it with a weak sword to make it drops anger skins and use these skins to create glowing arrows and bows!
  • Decoys: craft decoys and use them to keep mobs near it while you run away!
  • Monkeys: funny monkeys, normal and passive creatures
  • Bison: leaves in snow places, very big, very strong and will drop more meat and leather!
  • Bogeyman: almost invisible, this mob will scare you and will make you drop your current equipped item. After this, it will run away from you and it will attack back in a few seconds.
  • Bull: bull will always stay near cows, making babies. But it will run and attack you if you are near enough it. Be careful with its horned, it will knock back you!
  • Stone mobs: stone mobs are very dangerous if they are in a horde. They will hunt other mobs and turn they in a stone mobs too to hunt you!
  • Radioactive slime: take care with the fluid of these entities! This fluid will destroy your armor quickly!
  • Hell Squid: lives in hell and will drop enchanted books that you can use to enchant your weapons and tools. The more XP you have, the higher the level of enchantment that you will receive.
  • Gremlins: creatures that stay always in gangs. They will follow you and ask for a random item, if you do not give what they want or hit it, they will attack you and throw rocks at you! Killing gremlins can be very rewarding
  • Chest mob: it is very cool when you are walking and find a chest, try to open it and bang!!! a mob will spawn with items inside the chest!!


LostWorld Mod 1
LostWorld Mod 2
LostWorld Mod 3
LostWorld Mod 4
LostWorld Mod 5


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