Lynx Renderdragon Shader (1.20) redefines your Minecraft Bedrock Edition experience, offering a level of immersion like never before. With a range of graphics modes to choose from, tailored to your device and preferences, you’ll witness your Minecraft world in an entirely new light, complete with breathtaking visual effects and seamless performance.


  • Custom Graphics Modes: Pick the graphics mode that suits you best. Lynx Shaders lets you adjust your visuals from Ultra-performance to Ultra-quality.
  • Vivid Visual Enhancements: Discover a new level of immersion with vivid and realistic visuals. Lynx Shaders makes every landscape more beautiful and dynamic.
  • Smooth Performance: Play without lag or glitches with Lynx Shaders’ Ultra-performance mode. You can have fun and fast gameplay with Lynx Shaders.


Installation Note:

  • It is only compatible with the latest preview and beta
  • If you are on PC, you need to have a dx12 capable GPU and you will need to turn on the deferred technical preview for creators in experimental features.
  • If you are on Android, you need to be on the latest beta and be on Android 9.
  • If you are on Xbox you need to be on the latest preview.
  • It will not work for iOS or iPhones for now.

How to install:

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Lynx Renderdragon Shader (1.20) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

mcpack: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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