Mineageries Plus Mod (1.20.1) significantly expands Minecraft’s fauna by adding a wide range of animals across various biomes. These animals exhibit realistic behaviors and interact with the environment in unique ways, creating a more engaging and lifelike world. From exotic birds and marine life to mythical creatures and enhanced domestic animals, this mod transforms the wildlife experience in Minecraft, providing new opportunities for exploration, taming, and interaction.


New Animal Species:

  • Forest Animals: Deer, foxes, squirrels, and owls, each with distinct behaviors and sounds.
  • Aquatic Life: Dolphins, jellyfish, turtles, and schools of fish that populate oceans, rivers, and lakes.
  • Bird Species: Parrots, eagles, and songbirds that add both beauty and utility to the skies and forests.
  • Mythical Creatures: Unicorns, griffins, and other fantasy animals that can be tamed and ridden.

Animal Behaviors:

  • Herding and Flocking: Many animals move in groups, creating realistic herds and flocks.
  • Predator and Prey Dynamics: Predatory animals hunt and interact with prey, adding a layer of ecological balance.
  • Breeding and Growth: Animals can be bred and will grow over time, adding depth to farming and husbandry.

Environmental Interactions:

  • Ecosystem Effects: Animals interact with plants and terrain, such as deer grazing or birds nesting in trees.
  • Seasonal Changes: Some animals exhibit different behaviors or appearances depending on the in-game season.
  • Environmental Impact: The presence of animals affects the local environment, like fish cleaning up water bodies.

Taming and Utility:

  • Taming Mechanics: New taming methods for various animals, including feeding, nurturing, and training.
  • Utility Animals: Certain animals provide useful resources or assistance, such as owls delivering items or dolphins aiding in underwater exploration.


  • /mineageries spawn <animal>: Spawns a specified animal from the mod.

Example: /mineageries spawn unicorn spawns a unicorn.

  • /mineageries list: Lists all available animals added by the mod.

Example: /mineageries list displays a list of all new animals.

  • /mineageries tame <animal>: Instantly tames the specified animal if possible.

Example: /mineageries tame griffin tames a griffin.

  • /mineageries ecosystem <action>: Manages ecosystem-related actions, such as enabling or disabling certain behaviors.

Example: /mineageries ecosystem toggle hunting toggles predator hunting behavior.


  • mineageries.spawn: Allows the player to use the /mineageries spawn command.
  • mineageries.list: Permits the player to use the /mineageries list command.
  • mineageries.tame: Grants the player the ability to use the /mineageries tame command.
  • mineageries.ecosystem: Allows the player to manage ecosystem actions using the /mineageries ecosystem command.
  • mineageries.admin: Provides full access to all commands and administrative control over the mod settings.



Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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