The Wendigo: A Native American Legend Mod (1.20.1) plunges players into the heart of a Native American folklore, where the Wendigo, a malevolent spirit from Algonquian mythology, lurks in the shadows. Inspired by the chilling legend, this mod introduces new gameplay elements, creatures, and challenges that will test the bravery of even the most seasoned Minecraft players.


  • The Dreaded Wendigo: Encounter the dreaded Wendigo, a terrifying creature from Native American folklore known for its insatiable hunger for human flesh. With its gaunt figure, glowing eyes, and chilling howls, the Wendigo stalks the wilderness, striking fear into the hearts of those who dare to cross its path.
  • Haunting Biomes: Explore haunted biomes infused with the dark energy of the Wendigo’s presence. From desolate forests shrouded in fog to icy tundras gripped by eternal winter, these biomes offer a haunting backdrop for your encounters with the legendary creature.
  • Survival Challenges: Test your survival skills as you navigate the treacherous terrain and fend off attacks from hostile creatures spawned by the Wendigo’s influence. Gather resources, craft weapons, and build shelters to withstand the horrors that await you in the wilderness.
  • Native American Artifacts: Discover ancient artifacts and relics scattered throughout the land, each holding clues to the secrets of the Wendigo and its origins. Unravel the mysteries of the past as you uncover the truth behind the legend that haunts the land.
  • Epic Battles: Prepare for epic battles against the Wendigo and its minions as you confront the malevolent spirit in a final showdown. Gather your courage, steel your nerves, and face the ultimate challenge as you confront the embodiment of fear itself.


  • /wendigo summon: Use this command to summon the Wendigo into the game world, initiating a terrifying encounter with the legendary creature.
  • /wendigo artifact: Discover Native American artifacts and relics using this command, uncovering hidden secrets and lore related to the Wendigo legend.
  • /wendigo explore [biome]: Venture into haunted biomes and explore their eerie landscapes with this command. Replace [biome] with the name or identifier of the desired biome to explore.


  • wendigo.summon: Grants permission to use the /wendigo summon command to summon the Wendigo into the game world.
  • wendigo.artifact: Provides access to use the /wendigo artifact command to discover Native American artifacts and relics.
  • wendigo.explore: Allows players to use the /wendigo explore command to venture into haunted biomes and explore their landscapes.


How to install:

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