MineIndustry Mod was originally created by AnonymousProduct, Mine Industry is a small, but useful extension mod for other Industrial mods (i.e. PowerCraft, IC2, etc.). This mod adds some machines that you can use to extend those other huge and powerful factory-oriented mods.


Description of the Blocks/Items:

  • 1. The Regular Hydroponic Block – very efficient little farmers. They can grow wheat without needing water, and the crops cannot be trampled.
  • 2. The Auto Hydroponic Block – the same as the Regular Hydroponic Block except that it harvests and replants itself automatically.
  • 3. The Grinder – items that go through this machine will be ground up: wheat to flour, bones to bonemeal, reeds to sugar, and gravel to flint. Right click on this block to rotate it.
  • 4. The Oven – cooks items that run through it using the furnace recipes. After the items are cooked, they will be pushed out of its set direction. Right click to rotate.
  • 5. The Item Thruster – items that land on this will be shot into the air. This is useful for vertical item transport since water cannot go upward. (It’s also useful for toast!)
  • 6. The Block Smasher – simply power this block with a redstone current, place a block beneath it, and watch it get crushed! Cannot smash obsidian or bedrock.
  • 7. Flour – if you grind wheat, you can get flour. Smelting flour results in bread.
  • 8. Electric Fence – machine? Nah, just something necessary for homeland security. Watch as any mob gets launched into the air if they touch the sparkling fence. Creepers will look like they got electrocuted.










This mod requires Risugami’s ModLoader


  • Install Modloader
  • Drop the MineIndustry zip file to your mods folder

Download Links for MineIndustry Mod:


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