Miner’s Glasses Mod (1.20.1) is a practical addition to Minecraft that provides players with a tool to improve their underground exploration capabilities. Developed by modders keen on enhancing the gameplay experience, this modification introduces special glasses that offer valuable insights into the surrounding terrain, making mining and exploration more efficient and enjoyable. With its focus on convenience and functionality, the Miner’s Glasses Mod is a must-have for any Minecraft adventurer seeking to delve deep into the earth’s depths.


  • Enhanced Visibility:

The core feature of the mod is the enhanced visibility provided by the Miner’s Glasses. When worn, these glasses reveal valuable information about the surrounding terrain, including nearby ores, minerals, and valuable resources. This enhanced visibility allows players to spot hidden treasures and plan their mining routes more effectively.

  • Customizable Settings:

The Miner’s Glasses Mod offers customizable settings that allow players to tailor their experience to suit their preferences. Players can adjust the range and sensitivity of the glasses’ scanning capabilities, fine-tuning the level of detail and information displayed to best fit their needs.

  • Convenient Crafting Recipe:

Obtaining Miner’s Glasses is a straightforward process, requiring players to craft them using readily available materials. The crafting recipe typically involves combining glass panes with other common resources, ensuring that Miner’s Glasses are accessible to players at various stages of their Minecraft journey.



Minecraft Forge


How to install:

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Miner’s Glasses Mod (1.20.1) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.20.1

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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