Welcome to Mob Specific Enchants Mod (1.19.2).


  • Bane Of Illagers Enchant
  • Does 3 times damage to Illagers and Villagers, 2.5 times damage to Zombie Villagers
  • Bane of Bacon enchant
  • Does 3 times damage to Pig based mobs, 2.5 times to Zombified Piglins
  • Bane of Enders Enchant
  • Does 3 times damage to all End based mobs
  • Cube Slicer Enchant
  • Does 2.5 times damage to Slime and Magma cubes
  • Wither Waster Enchant
  • Does 3.2 times damage to Withers and Wither Skeleton
  • Can only be obtained from trading and treasure
  • Fly Swatter
  • Does 2.5 times damage to flying mobs
  • Icy Edge
  • Applies Slowness to mobs. (Will eventually be updated to actually do freezing)
  • Applies both Slowness and Weakness to nether mobs, because cold bad to them
  • Does more damage to Nether mobs, again, because cold bad. The extra damage is the level of enchantment you have (So 2 extra if you have icy edge 2)


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