Mod Update Manager 1.4.7 is a Source-only mod that other modders can package with their mod to include version checking, this can be easily coded by said third party, but I think that if we have a mod that handles all the mod updates in the same manner, it’s beneficent for the community.


The Mod Update manager comes with various features to actually make it useful, in it you’ll find:

  • Launch Update Check: When you launch minecraft you’ll get a chat message displaying the status of your mod updates.
  • Time-based update checks: Every 15 minutes (by default, configurable) the mod will check for updates for all your mods (can be disabled).
  • Multithreaded: Won’t cause you any lag for the most part.
  • Internet Connection Checking: Auto disables itself if you’re offline.
  • A GUI to show you all that’s going on on your mod updatings, you can open it trough the “Mods” button on the main menu or by pressing ‘M’ (by default).
  • Support for changelogs, direct downloads and more!
  • Plenty of features for modders to customize how they want their update managing to be done.
  • Mod Downloads: If the mod’s author endorses that feature, said mod can be downloaded from within minecraft, it can even be downloaded automatically with no hassle from the player if that is enabled.
  • Disclaimers: You can add some information or a warning before a mod is downloaded so people can know what they’re getting into.
  • Mod of the Week: Every friday a new mod will be chosen for the Mod of the Week, you can see it in your mod list gui by pressing the “MotW” button.
  • Capes! If you adopt Update Manager into your mod and give me your minecraft username you’ll get a cape that everyone using Update Manager will be able to see.
  • SMP Compatible: A simpler version of Update Manager is available for SMP where timely checks occur by sending couple of chat messages to all OP’s on the server about the outdated mods, they can also type in /um force to force an update check, these messages also get delivered on server join.
  • Special Button: On the GUI, you can have a button on your mod’s pane, it can do virtually anything, from opening your twitter to doing pretty much anything possible in game.
  • Icons: A custom icon can be rendered next to the name of your mod, this can be virtually anything, but defaults to an easy to set ItemStack.


Requires: Minecraft Forge and Java 6 or later



  • Merged Pull Request #10 changes made by Gorion91;
  • CMNumerical bug fix.
  • Made a custom splitter and implemented it in the isUpdated(UpdateManagerMod mod, String webVersion):boolean method.

Download Links for Mod Update Manager 1.4.7

For 1.4.7/1.4.6

For Minecraft 1.4.5

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