In 2018, Modular Bosses, a very popular java mod frequently went under the Alias “THE UNKILLABLE BOSS MOD!”. For roughly 1 year now, the author has been working to bring it back for bedrock. Modular Bosses Addon (1.19, 1.18) is an addon for Minecraft Bedrock edition which introduces many Monsters and Bosses to the Minecraft experience!



Legends Sword

  • Legends Sword is a powerful weapon that is crafted using the Mythical ingots, a heavy-hitting sword built to fight the bosses in this addon, dealing a whopping 21 Damage!

Shadow Katana

  • The Shadow Katana is a great blade dropped by the Shade Howler, an upcoming boss for the addon.
  • It deals a good 15 damage, just a bit over the amount of damage a Sharpness V Netherite sword can deal. It also is now capable of firing a Cross-Shot every 2 Seconds, a good ranged weapon too!

Smelly Bait

  • Smelly Bait is a big slab of meat, you can throw it to place it on the ground, and this will attract any nearby sandworms.

Master Sword

  • An Iconic sword from a special game, the master sword deals 30 damage, but is unobtainable in survival!

Chorp Meat

  • A Food source from Chorp Chorps, can be cooked to get Cooked Chorp Meat!

Chorpling Egg

  • Drops from the Heavy Chorp Boss, either hatch it to raise a chorpling, or cook it to get a Fried Chorpling Egg!


  • A Big eyeball dropped from Eyeball Octos, no current purpose yet!

Elemental Gem

  • Drops from the Golem! Surround it with Iron Ingots to get a golem spawn egg!

Mythic Ingot

A Rare ingot, use it to craft legends tools!

Tatters Scythe

  • It is a very powerful melee tool with 21 melee damage, and 21 ranged damage, it’s no joke!

Chorpling Treat

  • Feed a Chorpling this gross mess of meat to tame it!

Shade Tooth

  • Craft the Powerful Shadow Katana using this!

Slimy Bait

  • A Blue Smelly Bait that lures in sandworms better, and slows worms down as they chew on it.


Chorp Chorp

  • The Chorp Chorp is the first of four in the Chorp family.
  • This giant slug has 100 Health, and spawns in packs.
  • It will barrage its targets with blasts of slime, but it has a slow cooldown.

Smasher Chorp

  • The Smasher Chorp is a cousin to the Chorp Chorp.
  • It also has 100 Health, and spawns by itself, not in packs.
  • The Smasher Chorp is incapable of shooting slime, and instead charges and melee attacks its targets, dealing heavy damage.

Eyeball Octopus

  • The Eyeball Octopus is a hitchhiker to the Sandworm.
  • This mob has 20 health, and is relatively weak compared to most others mobs in the mod.
  • It will give its deathly glare, and fire beams of deadly fire at its targets, kill them quick!

Poison Eye

  • The Poison eye is a cousin mob to the Eyeball Octopus and aids the Seymora in its battle!
  • It will melee attack players, inflicting blindness, but its very weak, and can be killed with just a few fist punches.

Flying Skull

  • The Flying skull is a nether mob, and a Sandworm Hitchhiker.
  • It lays dormant until a target approaches, to where it will swoop and damage
  • its opponents similarly to the Vex.
  • though, these mobs are very fodder and can be killed with the hit of a wooden sword.


  • The Tick is a Sandworm Hitchhiker that may be a problem for arachnophobes.
  • This massive bug will start fodder and weak, at 20HP, though, when it damages its prey enough, it will gain up to 80HP and become a much larger problem.


  • The Mimic is a stationary mob that acts like your average, everyday chest, until it strikes.
  • This Startling surprise has a total of 30 Health, and does a good amount of damage, also inflicting Slowness, making it harder to escape.


  • The Tentacle is a Fodder Sandworm Hitchhiker, that is stationary, it will swipe at players close enough, and deal good damage, including some poison. NOTE: This version of poison is fatal, unlike normal poison, be careful about your health!


  • Sparks are a mob that spawn in the worm, there are 5 types:
  • Orange – Deals High Damage
  • Blue – High Health but lower Damage
  • Green – Heals nearby Monsters
  • Purple – Deals low damage but blinds players nearby
  • Red – Fires beams of fire at its target


  • A Flying Snake-Like creature that purely melee attacks, a scavenger of the sandworm.


  • The Golem is a mob that can be powerful or weak depending on the material.
  • There are 15 different golems made out of different materials with different strengths.
  • They have two attacks, a shockwave slam, and they chuck blocks at their target.
  • Though they vary in strength, Glass and Dirt golems have a measly 10 Health, and a mediocre 3 Damage, whereas an Obsidian or Netherite golem has a massive 400 health, and a whopping 30 Damage, gonna REALLY need that shield over here!



  • The Moldorm is a familiar foe from a certain special series created by Nintendo.
  • It doesn’t directly target the player, and instead will move in one direction, and moving in another upon hitting a wall, anything it runs into will be rapidly damaged.
  • Even worse, this thing has 200 health! keep yourself at a good range!

Heavy Chorp

  • The Heavy chorp is a massive chorp chorp, it fires lots of slimes, and melee attacks nearby targets, it has 600 health, and it won’t be fun to fight with melees, bring something ranged.


  • Tatters is a deadly reaper that can be a massive problem without a form of defense.
  • This mob seems relatively weak, considering its size, speed, and health, which is only 100, but do not underestimate it! Tatters is capable of Teleportation and Throwing his dual-ended scythe, dealing incredible damage, enough to kill someone with no armor. Beware the reaper!

Shade Howler

  • The Shade Howler is a quick and nimble, yet tanky boss.
  • It has 200 HP, and an array of attacks.  A Charge that deals decent damage, a roar that knocks shield spammers away, a Cross-Shot projectile that’s near impossible to dodge, and a devastating Black Hole that pulls in players and explodes. This boss has quite the set of moves and should definitely be fought from a good distance.

Soul Howler

  • A Significantly Harder Variant of the Shade Howler, with more health, teleportation, and a more frequent Black Hole Attack, I’d be careful getting Up Close with it!

Nether Monolith

  • A Towering Monolith that attacks with various means of magic. Cannot be hurt by magic or ranged weapons!
  • Caution, this mob is somewhat broken and the AI Does not function as of now.


  • NOTE: The Paragon is highly unfinished, and most of the attacks and features you see in this description are not implemented yet!
  • The Paragon is a very strong and dangerous mob, it lumbers around the height of a heavy chorp, and has a variety of attacks, from kicking you far away, to groundpounding, to a massive shockwave that throws people into the air, the paragon has 400 Health and is NO JOKE! Avoid these if you can!

See full list of Bosses here:

Show Spoiler


  • The Seymora is a massive hybrid of many mobs, it deals a heavy 12 Damage, has 200 hp, summons Poison Eyes, and inflicts blindness and poison, I couldn’t kill one myself in testing, so you should try yourself.


  • The Sandworm is the biggest mob in the mod, it spans roughly 200 blocks and sometimes too big to fit on screen, this mob will charge directly at prey and circle the area it’s hunting, if you get eaten by the worm, you will enter the stomach dungeon! where you will fight various mobs as you escape its body!

Misc Mobs:


  • The Chorpling is a small and quick variant of the chorp, it can be tamed with a chorpling treat, and grown with slimeballs!
  • When tamed, it will attack your targets with small slimeballs, but they’re very weak pets and will likely die easily to larger bosses, very sad.

Adult Chorpling

  • Once your chorpling grows up, it becomes this gentle giant! now capable of rapid beams of slime spewing at enemies!


How to install:

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Modular Bosses Addon (1.19, 1.18) Download Links

For Java Edition

Modular Bosses Mod

For MCPE/Bedrock 1.19, 1.18

Modular Bosses: Download from server 1

Skin Pack: Download from server 1

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