Mo’Dungeons Addon (1.20, 1.19) introduces fresh dungeons to the game, with ongoing expansion plans that will include new weaponry, armor, entities, and, naturally, additional dungeons.


  • There are already over another 12 dungeons already in the add-on that are not featured in this update description for ease of reading purposes, same goes for the mobs and items in this add-on as there are two other item sets to acquire and brand new ores to find underground, the development team will have a wiki page detailing all the documentation soon but for now, we only feature the newest additions to the add-on!
  • Each item is viewable in the crafting menu in survival and has each recipe prepared for you, so you do not need to manually put in each item.
  • To acquire any of the items in the add-on, simply type in chat while cheats are enabled “/ give @s mc:” and then each item in the mod will appear for you to acquire or look for them in the creative menu


Mud House

Sky Fort

Ruined Portal

Large Ship

Mage Tower


Ruined Shrine

Sky Temple


Guardian Boss

  • Heavily alpha but does provide 100 –  300 EXP and a Guardian Gem Stone when killed)

New Entities

Mage Entity

  • Can be found in a mage tower, he trades rare and precious goods from the add-on!

Mandragora Entity

  • Can be found in the wilds, he likes to hide in the ground and doesn’t like being pestered by pesky players! He currently has no use for the add-on dungeon-wise but will do in future builds, for now, he is just a cool pet you can acquire!


Guardian Gem Stone

  • Can be acquired from killing the guardian boss or trading with the mage entity

Uncharged Guardian Summoning Scroll

  • This is acquired from the mage entity and is needed with the Guardian Gem stone to make the charged Summoning Scroll

Guardian Summoning Scroll Charged 

  • This can be acquired by putting a guardian gemstone and an uncharged guardian scroll into a crafting table and can be used to summon the new Guardian boss!

Dwarven Items

  • The tools can be acquired by crafting them in a dwarven forge or trading for them from a dwarf trader.
  • The Armor can only be acquired by crafting it in a dwarven forge with dwarven ingots, which can be obtained by smelting iron ingots in any type of furnace to make refined iron ingots which can then be used with a dwarven hammer at a dwarven forge to make dwarven ingots.
  • The dwarven hammer can only be acquired first time by trading for it from the dwarf trader, same with the dwarven forge.

How to install:

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Mo’Dungeons Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20, 1.19

mcaddon: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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