If you’ve ever wished for a more intense, mob-packed Minecraft experience, your wish has come true! With More Mobs Addon (1.20, 1.19), the mob population in your game world doubles, and we’re not kidding—it’s a real doubling effect. This means mobs now spawn with twice the frequency, and the spawn group sizes have also multiplied by two. To clarify, the “weight” represents how likely a mob is to appear, and the “group” signifies the number of mobs that can spawn together. Consequently, you’ll encounter zombies in groups of 8, creepers in pairs, skeletons in groups of 4, Ghasts in sets of 2, frogs in groups of 10, and all other mobs will see an increase in their spawn quantities. Brace yourself for a significantly more challenging and mob-rich gaming experience!

It addon isn’t extreme to the point where there are monsters everywhere you are, mobs just spawn in bigger groups and spawn more often, however, this can still make the game much harder. because of that, it is possible to play this on mobile with little to no problems. it could even be played on a regular survival world since it isn’t too extreme if you want the harder challenge of course. This could even be played on my game Karma’s worst if you want the extra challenge. It’s even more fun if you try to do it without dying.

Here are some examples from each dimension:

How to install:

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