MoreCrafting Mod 1.4.7 is a simple mod which adds new recipes in minecraft!

Crafting Recipes:

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Seeds on dirt make grassblocks!

Freeze water with two snowballs to make ice.

The netherrack gets so hot from the lava that you get fire, which you
can use for chain armor.

You have a 100% chance to get 1 flint for 4 gravel.

Mushrooms on dirt to mycelium.
You can change places of the 2 mushrooms.

4 sticks go back to 1 plank.

A normal rail to a detector rail with a stone pressure plate.

A normal rail to a powered rail with gold and redstone.

Clayblock to normal clay.

Lightstone block to 4 dust, don’t lose any dust!

Set a sapling on fire to get a dead bush.
Must be placed on sand.

Like sticks to ladders, but with leaves and vines.

Get endstone easier with an endereye on stone.

Get netherbrick with netherrack.

Sand in the middle of netherrack makes soulsand.

Diamond with stone to diamond ore!

Iron ingot with stone to iron ore!

4 redstone dust with stone to redstone ore.

Coal with stone to coal ore.

Gold with stone to gold ore.

Leaves in the middle of waterbuckets to a sponge.
(Wish of user.)

Vines in the middle of cobblestone to 4 mossy cobblestone.

Seeds in the middle of cobblestone to 2 mossy cobblestone.

A 100% chance to get a normal sapling for 4 leaves.

Sapling and redstone to bonemeal.

An Eye of Ender arrounded of Endstone makes an End Portal Frame!
I’m not sure whether you can destroy them.

A diamond in the middle of iron and gold to a monster spawner.
(Pigs only, use GUI mod to change)

Spawn eggs! An egg arrounded of an item:

Spider-Spider eye
Zombie-Rotten flesh
Slime-Slime ball
Ghast-Ghast tear
Zombie Pigmen-Gold nugget
Enderman-Ender pearl
Cave spider-Fermented spider eye
Silverfish-Stone bricks
Blaze-Blaze powder
Magma cube-Magma cream
Pig-Raw porkchop
Sheep-Tall grass (No wool!)
Mooshroom-Red mushroom
Ocelot-Raw fish

Missing: Squid, wolf

Get naturel snow with two snowballs.

Make 4 snowballs out of a snow block!

Make 4 bricks out of a brick block!

4 Glowstone Dust, 2 Ender Pearls and 2 flint to one emerald!

Two ice to one water (no bucket!)

Stone around an emerald to emerald ore!

Changed recipe for 4 bedrock: obsidian around a diamond!

Get 2 clayblocks with 4 gravel, 4 dirt and 1 water bucket!

Get 2 seeds with one wheat!

Get 32 instead of 16 obsidian with a water bucket, a lava bucket, 2 Diamonds, 2 iron, 2 gold and one fire!

Get 32 instead of 8 bottles o’Enchantment with a bottle and an Enchantment table!

Smelting Recipes:

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Burn a bone and get a slimeball!

Burn the sapling to a dead bush!!!!

Only newest Recipes:

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Get 32 instead of 8 bottles o’Enchantment with a bottle and an Enchantment table!



  • Go to your .minecraft folder.
  • Open minecraft.jar in “bin”.
  • Put the downloaded files in minecraft.jar.
  • Delete META.INF folder in minecraft.jar!!!
  • Craft alot!

MoreCrafting Mod Multiplayer:

  • Download the minecraft_server.jar from
  • Put the downloaded files in the .jar
  • Do NOT delete the META.INF folder!!!
  • Start the server.

Download Links for MoreCrafting Mod 1.4.7

For Minecraft 1.4.7



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