Mythical Origins Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) is an addon for the popular Origins mod. It adds 5 new origins I coded myself, which are all based around classic mythical creatures. As of posting this, it has 5 origins included, which are “Werewolf”, “Mermaid”, “Dragon”, “Elf”, and “Fairy”.



  • Werewolf Activate – When night strikes, you are able to activate a series of powers that help you hunt…
  • Darkness Vision – When your “Werewolf Activate” Power is active, you gain perfect night vision.
  • Moon Strength – The moon gives you power, making you deal +3 damage under it. (must have “werewolf activate” active.
  • Transform – When You’re in werewolf mode, you grow to a giant size of 4 blocks tall.
  • Overwhelming Heat – The sun emits way too much heat, so you are weaker and slower underneath it.
  • Untrained – You are untrained, so you have no idea how to use a shield in werewolf Mode.
  • Weak Human Body – Your human side is really weak, so when not in werewolf mode, you have -2 hearts.
  • Weak Knees – If not in werewolf mode, you take double fall damage.
  • Silver Sharpness – You cant wear iron armour because You are weak to metals like silver.
  • Carnivore – You can only eat meats
  • Blood Thirst – Werewolf mode is exhausting, so you have to eat more when its active.


  • Evolved Eyes – Your eyes are extremely evolved, so you have night vision.
  • Forest Magic – The magic of forests allow you to deal +3 damage when in them.
  • Leaf Speed – When standing on leaves, you become faster.
  • Miniture – As an elf, you are only 75% the height of a regular human.
  • Weak Bones – Your bones are smaller than average, so they are weaker. Causing you to only have 8 hearts.
  • Born in the trees – Because you were born and raised in the trees, you spawn in the forest, and can only sleep there.


  • Amphibious – You can breathe in both land and water.
  • Enhanced Swimming – Because of your fish tail, you’re able to swim exceedingly fast, all while having perfect underwater vision.
  • Aqua Affinity – You may break blocks underwater the way others do on land.
  • Trident Grip – You are trained to use tridents perfectly, so you deal +2 damage with them.
  • Flammable – You are extremely flammable, so you take more damage from fire and lava.
  • No Legs – Because you dont have any legs, you cant walk on land very well. So you are slower on land.
  • Vegetarian – You are allergic to all kinds of meat, so you cant eat it.
  • Unwieldy – The way your hands are formed provide no way of holding a shield upright.
  • Ocean Home – Because you were born in the sea, you spawn Near shipwrecks.


  • Bug Sized – Your fairy genes make you extremely tiny. So you cant jump over blocks without flying.
  • Hotblooded – due to your hot body, venoms burn up, making you immune to hunger and poison status effects.
  • Forest strength – When in a forest, you gain resistance and strength.
  • Magic Pockets – You have magic, secret pockets that can store up to nine more stacks of items.
  • Small Wings – You have no way of jumping over blocks normally, so you have to fly over them. You have creative flight.
  • Transparent – You are constantly transparent.
  • Fresh Air – When sleeping, your bed needs to be at an altitude of at least 86 blocks, so you ca breathe fresh air.
  • Need for mobility – You cannot wear heavy armor. (armor with protection points higher than chainmail)
  • Exhausting Flight – Flying is very exhausting, so you need to eat more while doing it.
  • Mini Heart – Your small stature makes you have 3 less hearts.


  • Exhausting Heat – The heat the nether produces is too much for you to handle, so you get hungry there.
  • Reborn Magic – The dragon egg emits some sort of familiar magic, making you stronger near it.
  • Resistant Skin – Your resistant skin allows you to take a few more hits, so you have +3 hearts.
  • Wings – You are born with natural wings. You have a permanent elytra on your back.
  • Sharp Claws – Your extremely sharp claws allow you to deal more damage with every hit. You deal +2 damage.
  • Sturdy Scales – Your scales make you have natural, permanent armor points.
  • Uncomfortable Armor – Armor with protection points lower than diamond is uncomfortable for you to wear, so you cannot wear it.
  • Unwieldy – The way your hands are formed provide no way of holding a shield upright.
  • Hydrophobia – You slowly take damage while in contact with water.
  • Carnivore – You can only eat meat.

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Mythical Origins Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.18.2

Fabric version: Download from Server 1

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Fabric version: Download from Server 1

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