Welcome to NoCube’s Chinchillas Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2).


Adult Chinchilla

  • Twice as big as their real prototype, twice as fluffy.
  • Spawns in badlands and desert biomes.
  • Completely passive and immune to fall damage. They will panic when attacked and run away with almost 3x speed.
  • Can bathe in sand once every eight minutes, as long as it is on sand, red sand, or another block with ‘sand’ material. Supports other mod blocks.
  • After sand bathing will leave some Chinchilla Fur on the ground.
  • They try to avoid water. In case of immersion in water, the chinchilla’s fur will get wet and she will not be able to surface, subsequently drowning.
  • Follows the player holding cactus, dead bush and grass. Will breed after being fed with one of these.
  • Does not follow player, but still eats apples, seeds and flowers. Will die eventually emitting poison particles after being fed with one of these. Don’t do this.
  • They don’t despawn or re-spawn again either. This works same as vanilla animals (in example pigs).
  • Drops 0-1 Chinchilla Meat (can be cooked) and 1-3 Chinchilla Fur upon death. Drops are affected by Looting enchantment.

Baby Chinchilla

  • Same size as real chinchilla
  • It takes 10 minutes to grow into adult form (by default)
  • Can be fed with glistening melon to prevent growing into adult form. This strange way will allow you to get a little pet chinchilla.
  • Can be caught in the bucket and released when needed. This will reset grow timer and chinchilla name (!). But the effect of glistening melon will stay.
  • Baby chinchilla that is affected by glistening melon has different name color when caught in a bucket.
  • Does not drop anything if killed

Blocks & Items

  • Chinchilla Fur. Dropped by adult chinchilla after sand bathing or when killed. Used for crafting String and Fur Blocks.
  • Chinchilla Fur Block. Negates fall damage, can be used as compact storage of chinchilla fur, or to craft carpets.
  • Chinchilla Fur Carpet. Like the fur block, it negates fall damage, but have no other uses.
  • Chinchilla Fur Set. Crafted by combining leather armor with fur blocks on a smithing table. A little bit weaker than iron armor, but provides various bonuses, like immunity to blindness and slowness, faster sprint and fall damage resistance. But wearing any item of this clothing has a disadvantage: you will sink in the water and won’t be able to surface.
  • Raw Chinchilla Meat. A little bit better than raw rabbit meat. Can be cooked or used to feed dogs.
  • Cooked Chinchilla Meat. Has same stats as cooked mutton. Can be used to feed dogs or to cook a stew.
  • Chinchilla Meat Stew. A new food, that provides Speed and Sinking effects for 40 seconds. Crafted with cacti, chinchilla meat and a carrot.
  • Bucket of Chinchilla. Result of catching a baby chinchilla or non-growing chinchilla.
  • Potion of Sinking. Applies effect with the same name, which causes entities to sink when immersed in water. Can be made by brewing Chinchilla Fur into Awkward Potion. You can increase potion level or duration by brewing Redstone or Glowstone Dust into it.



Adult chinchilla on the edge of the desert


Chinchillas in a badlands biome

Baby Chinchilla

Small compared to the villager or a block


All of new items as of 1.2.0 update

Blocks and Armor


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For Minecraft 1.18.2

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For Minecraft 1.19.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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