Normal Damage Mod (1.20.2, 1.19.4) is a transformative modification designed to address combat mechanics in Minecraft. Developed by dedicated modders, this mod aims to provide a more balanced and realistic approach to damage calculation during combat encounters. By adjusting damage values and mechanics, the Normal Damage Mod offers a more immersive and challenging combat experience for players.


  • Balanced Damage Calculation: The central feature of the Normal Damage Mod is its adjustment of damage calculation mechanics during combat. Unlike the vanilla game, where damage values may vary widely between different weapons and enemies, this mod aims to provide a more consistent and balanced experience. Players can expect combat encounters to be more challenging and rewarding, with damage values reflecting the capabilities of both players and enemies more accurately.
  • Realistic Combat Dynamics: In addition to balanced damage calculation, the Normal Damage Mod introduces realistic combat dynamics that enhance immersion and gameplay depth. Players must consider factors such as weapon reach, attack speed, and enemy behavior when engaging in combat encounters. Strategic decision-making and skillful execution become crucial for survival, as players navigate the dangers of the Minecraft world with heightened awareness and precision.
  • Customization Options: The mod offers customization options that allow players to tailor their combat experience to suit their preferences. Whether adjusting damage values, tweaking enemy behaviors, or fine-tuning combat mechanics, players have the flexibility to customize the mod to align with their desired level of challenge and immersion.
  • Compatibility: The Normal Damage Mod is designed to be compatible with other mods and gameplay enhancements, ensuring a seamless integration into existing Minecraft worlds and gameplay experiences. Whether playing on a vanilla server or a heavily modded world, players can enjoy the balanced combat mechanics and immersive gameplay offered by the mod without sacrificing compatibility or stability.


How to install:

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Normal Damage Mod (1.20.2, 1.19.4) Download Links

For All Versions from Minecraft  1.18.2 to Minecraft 1.20.4

Forge version: Download from Server 1

Fabric version: Download from Server 1

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