Pagan’s Blessing Mod (1.20.1) immerses players in a world where ancient powers and mystical energies come to life. Drawing inspiration from pagan traditions, this mod introduces rituals, blessings, and magical elements that players can harness to enhance their Minecraft journey. Whether you’re a seeker of ancient wisdom or a builder looking to infuse magic into your creations, Pagan’s Blessing adds a touch of enchantment to the familiar realms of Minecraft.


  • Ritual Altars: Pagan’s Blessing Mod introduces ritual altars where players can perform mystical ceremonies to invoke blessings and harness magical energies. These altars become focal points for various rituals and offer a space to connect with the mystical forces.
  • Ancient Blessings: Players can receive ancient blessings by performing specific rituals at the ritual altars. These blessings may include enhanced abilities, protection, or even the summoning of magical entities to aid players in their adventures.
  • Magical Artifacts: The mod introduces magical artifacts scattered throughout the world. Players can discover and collect these artifacts, each possessing unique properties and mystical attributes. These artifacts become valuable tools in the quest for ancient knowledge and power.
  • Divine Interventions: Pagan’s Blessing Mod may include random divine interventions, where players experience unexpected and magical occurrences. These interventions may provide boons or present challenges that add an element of unpredictability to the Minecraft experience.


  • /pagan ritual <ritual_name>: Initiates a specific ritual at the ritual altar.
  • /pagan blessing <player> <blessing_type>: Grants a specific blessing to the specified player.
  • /pagan artifacts give <player> <artifact>: Gives the specified player a magical artifact.


  • pagan.ritual: Allows players to use the command to initiate rituals at the ritual altar.
  • pagan.blessing: Permits players to grant specific blessings to others.
  • pagan.artifacts.give: Grants players the ability to give magical artifacts to others.
  • pagan.admin: Provides server administrators access to all mod-related commands and features.



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