About Planetary Parkour Map

Planetary Parkour map is an easy-to-medium difficulty Minecraft Parkour map, where you test your skills on 5 Planets with custom Gravity:

  • Earth: Medium Gravity
  • Mars: Low Gravity
  • Uranus: High Gravity
  • Mercury: Very low Gravity
  • Venus: Medium Gravity


You have to complete a Planet to unlock the next one however you can play a Planet you have already completed again anytime. The map is intended for singleplayer.

Planetary Parkour Map Screenshots:










The goal of the map (as for most Parkour maps) is to parkour your way from Start (iron block) to Finish (diamond block) without touching the ground. You choose which Planet to play in the Lobby, where you also get sent after completing a Planet. If you fall to the Ground, you get teleported to your last checkpoint (gold block) and 1 gets added to your total Fails score. You can try to improve your score by playing the Planet again – only the lowest Fail score is saved in the Lobby. There are a lot of checkpoints so most Planets (except Venus, which is meant to be hard) shouldn’t be too hard to complete with a low Fails score.

Planetary Parkour Map Special Blocks:

Some blocks have different block textures than others. Those can be either Blinking blocks or Falling blocks.

  • Blinking Blocks appear and disappear every 2 seconds. They can be quite difficult to time correctly, especially on low gravity Planets.
  • Falling Blocks fall 1 second after you jump on them. You have to jump fast to the next block oherwise you may fall down with the block.
  • Leaping Fire is a special block that only appears in Venus. Every once in a while a fire block jumps out of the Lava. Hitting the fire block means starting over from the last checkpoint. The Leaping Fire blocks are not very challenging but at least the look really cool.

How to install:

Download link for Planetary Parkour Map:

For 1.9


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