Poggy’s Better on Bedrock Addon (1.20, 1.19), formerly known as Vanilla Plus, is a Minecraft Bedrock addon that strives to elevate the overall gameplay experience of the vanilla base game. It sets out to enhance numerous facets of the game by introducing improvements and additions, including new bosses, blocks, items, mobs, structures, biomes, and systems.

Created by: XxPoggyisLitxX Twitter


Inside Better on Bedrock, you’ll find numerous improvements to vanilla biomes. Some of these biomes will have their own exclusive structures, mobs, and ores.




Roofed Forest:







Items and blocks:

Items and blocks inside of Better on Bedrock will have their own unique features to keep them fresh.

Let’s start with items:


Gilded Netherite Armor:

  • Tinted Netherite Armor will save you against Piglins while keeping you protected.
  • Using 1 Gold Armor peace to protect yourself against Piglins comes with the cons where you are losing that extra bit of protection. Tinted Netherite Armor will protect you against Piglins while being fully protected. It has the same stats as regular Netherite Armor.
  • Obtainable via Forge Table

Copper Armor:

  • Copper Armor is stronger than Leather Armor but weaker than Iron Armor.
  • Copper Armor is used for early combat when you go caving and a lot of mobs attack you.


  • Need some quick resources? Get some Lootbags.
  • Lootbags are found within Trader Outpost chests. To use a Lootbag, right-click (hold for mobile, LT/L2 for the controller) to use the Lootbag. Once you use a Lootbag you’ll get some sweat resources.


  • The inventory issue has been solved!
  • Backpacks give you extra slots to store your goodies. Holding a BackPack and interacting (hold for mobile, LT/L2 for the controller) will open up the BackPack inventory. BackPacks can be used across all dimensions.
  • The Regular BackPack has 9 Slots. The Medium Backpack has 24 Slots

Quest Scroll:

  • New to this amazing world? Use quests for early loot!
  • The Quest System is a unique system within Better on Bedrock. The Quest System gives players some Quests to complete in a new world. Players will be given a Closed Quest Scroll upon loading a new world. When they interact (hold for mobile, LT/L2 for the controller) it will open up the scroll which players can interact again (hold for mobile, LT/L2 for the controller) to open the Quest UI.
  • The Quest UI will show you 3 Tiers: New Start, Better on Bedrock, and Beyond the Overworld.
  • Each Quest has specific goals for the player to complete. When you complete Quests you have to claim your rewards manually.

Bounty Scroll:

  • Bounty System can only be accessed by a Bounty Board
  • The Bounty System allows players to hunt down a specific number of mobs for rewards and maybe even to progress their playthrough. It has the same use and UI as the Quest System.

Overworld Waystone Key:

  • The Overworld Waystone Key is used to save your Waystones and teleport to your Waystones
  • When you click on a waystone (tap for mobile, LT/L2 for controller) you’ll be prompted with a UI to enter the Waystone Name. You can only add up to 10 per dimension.
  • When you break a saved waystone you need to save it again when the block was placed. When you want to teleport to a saved waystone, right-click (tap for mobile, LT/L2 for controller) to access all saved Waystones. Click on a saved Waystone to teleport, which costs 3xp levels. Once teleported the Waystone Key will be on a 60-sec cooldown.


  • Grapes is a new food source found within Better on Bedrock. You can only find Grapes inside of Taiga Biomes. Grapes can be planted and grown for an infinite source of grapes. Grapes gives 4 Hunger Points and takes 1 Second to eat.

Wild Carrot:

  • The Wild Carrot is another new Food Source within Better on Bedrock. You can find Wild Carrots inside of the Plains Biome. Wild Carrots have a small chance of dropping a regular carrot. Wild Carrot gives 3 Hunger Points.

Enderman Tear:

How to install:

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Poggy’s Better on Bedrock Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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