Poggy’s Luminous Dreams Shader (1.20) is one such pack that seeks to transform the game’s nightscape into an enchanting realm of ethereal beauty. In this review, we’ll delve into the shader’s features, and effects, and how it contributes to the nocturnal magic of Minecraft.


  • Starry Nights: The standout feature of Poggy’s Luminous Dreams Shader is its emphasis on the night sky. The shader pack enhances the celestial experience by introducing a myriad of twinkling stars that light up the darkness, turning the night into a canvas of dreams.
  • Aurora Borealis: The shader pack introduces the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis effect, adding a touch of mystique to the night sky. The ethereal dance of colors above enhances the sense of wonder as players gaze at the heavens.
  • Atmospheric Magic: The shader pack enhances atmospheric effects, creating a soft and dreamlike ambiance. Subtle touches like soft lighting and gentle fog contribute to the otherworldly sensation.
  • Candlelit Glow: Poggy’s Luminous Dreams Shader adds a soft and comforting glow to light sources, such as torches and lanterns. This contributes to the overall warmth and enchantment of the game’s nightscape.


Water Reflections:


  • As the sun rises, light will pass into your house, leaving wonderful light casts on the floor. The color of the light changes as the day progresses, and the shadows move along!

Night time:

  • You’ll immediately notice that it’s really dark. Some parts of the mobs will glow like the Enderman eyes. And the Glow Squid actually glows! There are also colored lights as you can see from the Soul Lantern and Redstone Torches. Ores will also glow.

Let’s step outside and observe the surroundings in daylight:


Near Sunset:

The Sun:

  • The sun’s brightness will be more pronounced. There isn’t much else to mention about it.

Reflective blocks and blocks with a 3D appearance:

  • These features are limited in this beta version, but more are on their way!

Beta 4 Changelog:

  • Enhanced water reflection to simulate real-life lighting effects.
  • Work in progress to resolve underwater clearance issues.
  • Adjusted lighting settings for improved visual appeal.
  • Modified the sun’s offset angle to enhance overall aesthetics.
  • Expanded PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures to several blocks.
  • All Light Blocks now possess a glowing property.
  • Fine-tuned nighttime brightness levels for a more balanced experience.
  • Further adjustments were made to select PBR textures.
  • Certain parts of mobs now exhibit a glowing effect.
  • Applied additional PBR effects to specific blocks.
  • Refined horizon color scheme for a cohesive visual atmosphere.
  • Tweaked lighting colors to achieve desired effects.
  • Made adjustments to the intensity of light brightness.
  • Introduced PBR textures to certain blocks.
  • Enhanced the smoothness and reflective appearance of some Quartz Blocks.
  • Implemented reflective properties for Obsidian blocks.
  • Wet Farmland now accurately reflects light as if wet.
  • Continued refinements to lighting settings.
  • Reduced Auto-Exposure (lumen) for improved visual comfort.
  • Increased the sun’s luminosity for a more vibrant appearance.
  • Added Resource Pack settings to enable or disable glowing ores. Additional options may be introduced in the future.

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