About Raise The Flag, Biome Runners Map

Raise The Flag, Biome Runners Map is a fun multiplayer minigame for 2-16 players. 4 teams race across 7 biomes filled with traps, mobs and loot to be the first to place their flag on top of the flagpole at the centre of the the map. There are more instructions on how to play on the map spawn itself.


Raise The Flag, Biome Runners Map Screenshots:




Map Trailer:

Map Rules:

  • Play in survival mode (gamemode 0)
  • When going to the other biomes you must go over or under the bedrock walls (no going round
  • the sides).
  • PVP is allowed so you can stop the other teams from winning by any means.
  • Play on at least easy difficulty.

Server Setttings:

  • Command Blocks: ON
  • PVP: True
  • Difficulty: 1+

How to install:

Download links for Raise The Flag, Biome Runners Map:



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