Here is some informations about Realistic Wolves Mod for Minecraft Frostburn that you can need before download it


  • Makes Wolves bigger (Before: looked like chihuahuas)
  • Makes Wolves faster (Before: Were slower than players sprinting)
  • Makes them work much better in Packs (Before: They were the same alone and in packs) (Stronger)
  • Makes them avoid you if to the best that they can if you attack them (Before: They attacked you like monsters)
  • Makes them stronger (Before: You can take out the entire pack with your fist)


  • Download Realistic Wolves Mod
  • Locate your .minecraft
  • Open your minecraft.jar with an Archiver like winrar or 7zip
  • Drag and drop everything from the Archive to your minecraft.jar
  • Delete the meta-inf folder
  • Play Minecraft!

Download Links for Realistic Wolves Mod:

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