Reroll Enchants Mod (1.20.1) is a popular addition to Minecraft’s extensive modding scene, developed by enthusiasts passionate about enhancing the enchantment system. With this mod installed, players gain access to a new mechanic that allows them to reroll enchantments on their items, giving them greater control over their gear customization. Whether it’s tweaking existing enchantments or seeking out the perfect combination, the Reroll Enchants Mod empowers players to optimize their gameplay experience.


  • Enchantment Rerolling: The core feature of the Reroll Enchants Mod is its ability to reroll enchantments on items. Players can use specific items or resources to trigger a reroll, randomly generating a new set of enchantments for their gear. This feature enables players to fine-tune their equipment to suit their playstyle or specific needs.
  • Customization Options: The mod offers various customization options to tailor the enchantment rerolling process to individual preferences. Players can adjust the probability of obtaining certain enchantments, limit the pool of available enchantments, or introduce unique modifiers to enhance the rerolling experience.
  • Balanced Gameplay: While the Reroll Enchants Mod introduces a powerful new mechanic, it also maintains balance within the game. Players must invest resources or meet certain requirements to trigger enchantment rerolls, ensuring that obtaining powerful enchantments remains challenging and rewarding.
  • Compatibility: The mod is designed to be compatible with other popular mods and plugins, allowing players to integrate it seamlessly into their existing Minecraft experience. Whether you’re playing on a modded server or in single-player mode, the Reroll Enchants Mod enhances your gameplay without compromising compatibility.


  • /rerollenchants reroll [player]: Initiates a reroll of enchantments for the specified player’s currently held item.
  • /rerollenchants setprobability [probability]: Sets the probability of obtaining certain enchantments during rerolls.
  • /rerollenchants addmodifier [modifier]: Adds a modifier to the enchantment rerolling process, such as increasing the chance of obtaining rare enchantments.
  • /rerollenchants reloadconfig: Reloads the mod’s configuration files, applying any changes made by the player or server administrator.


Minecraft Forge

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