The RPG Health System Mod reimagines the way players engage with their characters’ well-being in Minecraft. Departing from the standard health bar, this mod introduces a comprehensive RPG-inspired health system that brings depth, strategy, and new gameplay dynamics to the survival experience.


  • Stat-based Health: The core feature of the RPG Health System Mod is the integration of stats that influence a player’s health. Instead of a static health bar, players will now have attributes and statistics that directly impact their overall well-being, creating a more dynamic and strategic gameplay experience.
  • Health Regeneration Mechanics: This mod may introduce new health regeneration mechanics that differ from the vanilla Minecraft system. Depending on the RPG elements incorporated, health regeneration could be tied to specific actions, consumables, or character attributes.
  • Status Effects and Ailments: Players may encounter a broader range of status effects and ailments, each affecting health and gameplay in unique ways. From temporary buffs to lingering debuffs, the RPG Health System adds complexity to the survival experience.
  • Customizable Health Progression: The mod could provide customization options for server administrators or individual players to tailor the RPG health system to their preferred style of play. This may include adjusting stat growth rates, modifying health-related mechanics, or enabling/disabling specific features.


  • /rpghs resetstats <player>: Resets the RPG health system stats for the specified player.
  • /rpghs sethealth <player> <amount>: Sets the health value for the specified player.
  • /rpghs togglestatus <player> <status_effect>: Toggles a specific status effect for the specified player.


  • rpghs.resetstats: Allows players to use the command to reset RPG health system stats.
  • rpghs.sethealth: Permits players to set health values for themselves or others.
  • rpghs.togglestatus: Grants players the ability to toggle specific status effects.
  • rpghs.admin: Provides server administrators access to all mod-related commands and features.


Minecraft Forge

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RPG Health System Mod (1.20.1) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.20.1

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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