Minecraft developers are gradually improving the blocky world biome by biome, dimension by dimension. It will be several years before they reach the savannah. It is quite possible that this will not happen at all. The author made this addon just 7 days after Minecraft Live 2022. Sand and Savanna Expansion Addon (1.19) is an updated style of add-on adding a new biome, the mob, updates the savanna, and more!


  • Quiver tree Forest (a new sub-biome for deserts)
  • Quiver trees (for the biome obviously)
  • A number of new blocks to build with
  • Desert Shark (a new dangerous mob)
  • Updated Savanna Generation
  • Termite Hills (a growing block)
  • Quiver (stores up to 4 stacks of arrows)

Quiver Forest

  • They just look pretty. You can grow a tree by bonemeal the quiver leaves.

Desert Shark

  • These guys will lay a trap and pull any unsuspecting mob beneath the sand to suffocate.

Improved Savanna

  • Some tweaks have been made to the generation and colors of the biome, to create a more unique biome.

Termite Hill

  • These blocks will grow over time to create large termite hills. They vary in size and is completely procedurally generated, so no two mounds will be the same.


  • Can be crafted from quiver stems. These items can be placed in your off-hand to equip them. After that, you can hold some arrows and press crouch to load up to 4 stacks into the quiver. As you shoot from a bow or crossbow, the quiver will automatically give you a new arrow after every shot, until it is empty.


Installation Note:

Make sure you activated all the following “Experimental Settings”:

  • Holiday Creator Features.
  • Custom Biomes.
  • Upcoming Creator Features.
  • Molang Features.

How to install:

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Sand and Savanna Expansion Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

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