Sculked Mod (1.19.2) is a mod focused on Sculk and Deepslate, making the deep dark a more lively place whilst still keeping it “dead”.



  • Framed Deepslate
  • Deepslate Bookshelf
  • Deepslate Pillar
  • Deepslate Chute
  • Cut Deepslate
  • Smooth Deepslate
  • Sculked Deepslate Bricks
  • Sculked Deepslate Tiles
  • Echo Block
  • Echo Copper Block
  • Cut Echo Copper
  • Echo Moss + Echo Moss Carpet
  • Echo Glass
  • Sculked Bone
  • Sculked Bone Block
  • Sculked Bone Cage
  • Sculked Bone Bulb
  • Sculked Vertebrae
  • Sculked Bone Tile
  • Bricked Sculk
  • Pillared Sculk
  • Framed Sculk
  • Layered Sculk
  • Tiled Sculk
  • Chiseled Sculk
  • Stacked Sculk
  • Woven Sculk
  • Barred Sculk
  • Void Barrel
  • Sculk Maw
  • Pulsing Sculk
  • Vibestone
  • Soul well
  • Sculk Emitter
  • Sculk Shaker


  • Bottled Soul (Obtainable by using a bottle on a soul well)
  • Sculked Thread
  • Sculked Plate
  • Sculked Fanberry
  • Echo Copper
  • Sculk Paste


  • Sculk Tendril
  • Sculked Shroom
  • Sculk Bud
  • Fountain Sculked Shroom
  • Sculk Thorns
  • Sculked Web
  • Spiked sculk
  • Sculked Boneshaft


  • Sculked Helmet (Prevents Darkness Effect)
  • A New Painting
  • Multiple new Advancements
  • Standing on Sculk Blocks slow you down and give an overlay
  • Darkness effect is now even darker making light even more important


Crafted Item Showcase

All of the items craftable as of V1.0.0

Natural Item Showcase

All of the items spawning naturally in the world as of V1.0.0 (All are still craftable)

Deepslate Item Showcase

All of the deepslate items added as of V1.0.0

V1.1.0 Showcase

Most of the blocks added in V1.1.0

V1.2.0 Showcase

Most of the things added in V1.2.0

Sculked Overlay Showcase

What happens if you walk on sculk without boots equipped (As of V1.2.0)

Sculked Mod (1.19.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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