SkyClient (1.8.9) gives you all of the mods you need for the Hypixel Network’s Hypixel Skyblock gamemode in Minecraft. It can include mods such as NotEnoughUpdates, Skyblock Addons, as well as more specialized mods like Patcher, Optifine, Colection, Custom Main Menu, HUD Mods and more.

A wide selection of Mods

  • Important Mods
  • Utility Mods
    • SimpleToggleSprint, Scrollable Tooltips, Hypixel Autocomplete
  • GUI Mods
    • Custom Main Menu, Smooth Scrolling Everywhere, Chatting, BetterChat, RewardClaim, Report+, Craftify, SkyClient Cosmetics
  • HUD Mods
    • VanillaHUD, EvergreenHUD, REDACTION, Keystrokes, Sound Subtitles, Craftify
  • QOL Mods
    • Popup Events, Anti Dream Skin, AutoGG, AutoTip, TNT Time, LevelHead, SkyClient Updater, Aycy Resource Pack Manager, NickHider
  • Visual Mods
    • Item Physic Lite, Blur, TimeChanger, 3D Skin Layers
  • PVP Mods
    • Damage Tint, Particles Enhanced, BehindYouV3, Block Overlay, Hytilities Reborn, BetterHurtCam
  • Skyblock Mods
    • Skytils, SBA, NEU, DSM, DRM, DG, SBPersonalized, SBHud, Apec, Cowlection, SBCustomTex, Synthesis
  • Miscellanious Mods

A wide selection of Packs

  • Skyblock Packs
    • MobPacket, ActuallyPacket, Dungeons Texturepack, Compliment, ActuallyMobs, SkyMobs, DwavenAddetsm RNBW+, Nameless, Sluz’s HSB Pack, Kio’s HSB Model Pack, Worlds And Beyond, SkyblockOverhaul, PacksHQ 16x & 32x (with a dark UI addon), ActuallyAssets, FurfSky Reborn, Smol Icons and xCyni’s 32x Skyblock Pack.
  • PVP (General) Packs
    • Hypixel+, Compliance (and Compliance with a Dark UI), and Henry’s 1.14 Pack.


How to install:

For Windows

  • Simply run the .exe from the Windows download. The command prompt is there to show useful information to the developers (in case something goes wrong).

For MAC OS and Linux:

  • Simply run the Jar file from the Universal download. Make sure you have Java 8 installed here.

SkyClient (1.8.9) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.8.9

Windows Only

Universal (requires Java)

SkyClient Discord

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