About SnowSong – Epic Sound Resource Pack

SnowSong – Epic Sound Resource Pack. Every sound is replaced across all versions of the game, now INCLUDING all of the HORSES!!!  The sound pack adds very realistic sounds, all original music to records and ambiance, and offers a fresh and stunning new take on the entirety of the realm of Minecraft.  It truly is like playing an entirely different game!  Vanilla sounds like a box of toys…SnowSong sounds like an immersive artistic expression!  You’re gonna LOVE IT!


SnowSong Resource Pack Features

  • All music discs are replaced with original songs by Alecia M. Shepherd!
  • All ambient music tracks are replaced with original compositions and performances by Alecia Shepherd, specifically for Minecraft by AMS/Sn0wShepherd!
  • Boss fight music for the Wither!
  • Every sound effect replaced for every version of Vanilla (555+ SFX)!
  • FTB Modpack Support coming VERY soon!

SnowSong Resource Pack Features Coming soon

(following testing and exclusive to 1.7.x and above)

  • Enderdragon Boss Fight Music!
  • Menu Music!
  • Nether-Specific Music!
  • End-Dimension-Specific Music!
  • Ending Credits Music!
  • Expanded song selections for ambiance without replacing files!
  • Really spooky cave ambiance.
  • Even scarier monsters!  You’ll find yourself suffering renewed anxiety and fear from acclimating to the new mob sounds; and trust me, they are designed to be VERY scary and realistic.
  • Multiple versions to tailor your experience to your preferences.
  • No-Hurt versions of SnowSong assure that you hear no screeches of pain or death from any of the real-to-life animals such as duckens, cows, pigs, etc…monsters still have injury and death sounds.

How to install SnowSong Resource Pack

  • Each ZIP file contains instructions for installation.

Download links for SnowSong – Epic Sound Resource Pack:

For All Versions


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