Sons Of Sins: Organs Additions Mod (1.20.1) is not for the faint-hearted. Developed by a team of modders with a taste for the macabre, this mod introduces a series of dark rituals, gruesome additions, and spine-chilling features to the Minecraft universe. Players can delve into the realm of forbidden arts, experimenting with organs and dark magic to gain unimaginable powers.


  • Organ Harvesting:

Dive into the world of forbidden practices by harvesting organs from various Minecraft creatures. These harvested organs can be used in dark rituals to unlock potent abilities.

  • Dark Rituals:

Perform dark and mystical rituals using the harvested organs. These rituals unlock special powers, such as enhanced strength, speed, or even the ability to summon otherworldly creatures to aid you in your adventures.

  • Customizable Altars:

Build and customize altars for your dark rituals. Experiment with different designs and layouts to enhance the potency of your rituals.

  • New Mobs and Bosses:

Encounter new and terrifying mobs spawned from the dark magic of your rituals. Prepare for epic battles against powerful bosses that guard rare resources and secrets.

  • Cursed Items:

Discover cursed items with unique effects. These items come at a cost, as they may bring unforeseen consequences or curses upon the player.


  • /organharvest [player] [organ] [amount] – Harvest organs from specified players or creatures.
  • /darkritual [player] [ritual] – Initiate a dark ritual to gain specific powers or summon creatures.
  • /altarcreate [player] [type] – Create a customizable altar for conducting rituals.


  • sonsofsins.organharvest – Allows players to use the organ harvesting command.
  • sonsofsins.darkritual – Grants access to the dark ritual command.
  • sonsofsins.altarcreate – Enables players to create customizable altars.



Minecraft Forge

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Sons Of Sins

How to install:

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Sons Of Sins: Organs Additions Mod (1.20.1) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.20.1

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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