About Stroneheim Map

Stroneheim Map includes:

  • Immerse yourself in a satirical re-imagining of open-world RPGs such as the elder scrolls series.
  • Explore the vast world of Stroneheim, a sprawling world filled with Mountainous tundras, Overgrown forrests and Ominous dungeons.
  • Fight a diverse range of enemies; from Frost Trolls, to Ice Giants and FrostVenom spiders.
  • Customise your character and buy whatever you can afford; Choose from Mage’s staffs to Battle-axes and Armour such as Wizard Robes and Ranger’s apparel.
  • Every Quest is innovative and thrilling. Complete the Main Storyline or stumble across events or dungeons on your open-world adventure.


Stroneheim Map Screneshots:

Stroneheim Map

Stroneheim Map

Stroneheim Map

Stroneheim Map

Stroneheim Map

Stroneheim Map

Stroneheim Map

Stroneheim Map

Stroneheim Map

Stroneheim MapStroneheim Map

Stroneheim MapStroneheim MapStroneheim Map

Stroneheim Map Information:


  • Defeat the Necromancer by going on a cliched adventure to save the world
  • Try to work out what’s going on after many unexpected plot-twists
  • And try and figure out if any of it makes sense, or did we just make up the storyline up off the top of our heads?


  • Each Side-quest is innovative and unique like much of the Main Storyline.
  • There are NO monotonous fetch quests and the likes.

Trading and Customisable Loot

  • Collect Gold from Quests, mobs and dungeons and use it as currency
  • You can buy an array of items and gear including:
  • Ranger’s apparel, Bows and Pets
  • Mage staffs and armour
  • Food and horses
  • Swords, Battleaxes and Warriors gear
  • Potions
  • And fried chicken

Diverse Enemies

  • These include:
  • Ice Giants
  • Frost Trolls
  • Draugr
  • Bandits
  • FrostVemon spiders
  • Many more

Stroneheim Map Playthrough:

How to install:

Resource Pack: Sphax PureBDCraft

Download links for Stroneheim Map:


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