The Mysterious Library Map Intro

Welcome to The Mysterious Library, a strange run-down building sitting in the middle of a vast forest, a strange sight to see… though not to those that visited it many years ago.  What could have possibly cleared out such a place?

All you know, is that the library’s doors are locked tight… and you’re on the wrong side of them.


  • 1- Play on Peaceful!
  • 2- Play on Adventure Mode!
  • 3- Don’t destroy anything! (That includes taking items from item frames and breaking glass!)
  • 4- Make sure you have the resource pack installed and selected!

The Mysterious Library Map Screenshots:

Map Trailer:


  • Enjoy exploring! There’s many secrets to be found!
  • But secrets are not necessary to complete the map!
  • There are 3 secrets where you should throw a book…

How to install:

Download links for The Mysterious Library Map:

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