Wasteland Story: Its a nuclear fallout and the world is a wasteland, most dirt is stripped from the earth. In Thegamingwolfs’s Wasteland Mod there are few plants, the animals and monsters are stronger & mutated. Nuclear blasts have removed many ores, key to survival. Can you survive the Wasteland? Notice: This is not a knock -off of any other wasteland mod i’m just trying to code my own Also Minecraft forge and mcpather or optifine is needed Features:

  • Changes world generation
  • Changes spawn rates
  • Changes mobs health, strength, and movement
  • Changes ore spawn rate



  • Extract wasteland mod file
  • Open your minecraft.jar
  • Open your minecraft.jar
  • Delete META-INF
  • Drag and drop all wasteland mod files into the .jar
  • Install minecraft forge (latest version)

Changelogs: v1.0.2

  • Added to generation/made smoother
  • Change spawn rates (A suggestion by Prove it Sit Down)
  • Changed Players health

Download Links for Thegamingwolfs’s Wasteland Mod:


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