Transformers Mod (1.7.10) is a Minecraft mod based all around the transformers movie and cartoon. There are also custom transformers in this Minecraft mod never seen in the movies or cartoon show of transformers.

Transformers Mod

This mod adds in epic Transformers. You have the ability to become a robot and then transform yourself into vehicles. Right now you can become a tank, plane, or car.

Technology advances with the latest update to Transformers, with the knowledge of how to process Energon and Transformium into fantastic new components. Introducing several new machines, wireless power transmission and world-bending portals.

  • Begin work with the Alloy Crucible to begin smelting Flux Alloy and Focusing Crystals, which combined with a plethora of new components, create all the parts you need to make the new machines.
  • Start powering your machines with Energon. Use the Energon Processor to refine the raw crystals into a potent fuel, which can now be transmitted along Energy Relays, Energy Pylons and Energon Transmitters.
  • Need a more reliable source of power? Why not generate it passively using the Isotopic Condenser, which generates EmB from nearby blocks of Energon.
  • You can also bottle your energon up with the Energy Column, allowing your surplus to be physically stored and transported in canisters.
  • Refined Energon can also be stored in Energon Tanks.
  • Construct the Assembly Table, with its extended crafting slots to construct Transformer Suits and End-Game technology.
  • Strive to assemble the powerful Ground Bridge, allowing the creation of two-way portals to any conceivable location in the world. Further upgrade with additional modules for further travel, remote control and even nearby dimensions.
  • Skystrike’s model has been updated to better fit with existing sets.
  • Introduced NEI Support to assist with the new learning curve.



  • Skystrike is one of the various Transformers in the mod. An Autobot warrior, he transforms into a jet allowing him to fight in the air. When in robot mode, he has permanent Feather Fall, making him glide slowly, and safely to the ground. His signature weapon is the Energon Crossbow.

Transformers Mod Features 1


  • A Decepticon Warrior, Purge is a heavy hitter who transforms into a tank. While the (currently) slowest transformer in the mod, his alternate mode holds greater offense than most other ground based transformers. His signature weapon is his Katana.
  • Purge transforms into a tank, making him the slowest (currently) ground vehicle in the game. He doesn’t have Stealth Mode as his alternate mode can fire rockets naturally (if they are in the player’s inventory) and like all vehicles it has Nitro, to give a temporary speed boost.
  • Purge’s tank mode can scale one block high obstacles automatically.

Transformers Mod Features 2


  • A Decepticon Scout, Vurp transforms into a Porchse Spyder for high speed movement on the ground. His signature weapon is his sniper rifle.
  • Vurp transforms into a Porchse Spider, with him being one of the fastest land based Transformers in the mod. He is able to jump one block and upon pressing X can use Nitro. He also has Stealth Mode.
  • When in Vurp’s alternate mode, when you click V you will transform into stealth mode, a secondary mode which in you can jump and shoot while in vehicle form

Transformers Mod Features 3


  • This is Subwoofer one of the available Transformers in the mod.An Autobot scientist, he transforms into a van mounted with a radar and his signature weapon is his Bass Blaster, a sonic weapon of considerable power. His armor set is made out of 4 pieces, the Subwoofer head,the Subwoofer torso, the Subwoofer legs, and the Subwoofer feet.
  • Subwoofer’s alternate mode is a Van, not as fast a car, like Vurp’s alternate mode, it is more maneuverable. Like all vehicle modes, it has Nitro, a temporary, regenerating bar, that allows the user to move faster than their normal speed limit.
  • When Subwoofer goes into stealth mode (click V by default) you can jump and shoot rockets.

Transformers Mod Features 4


  • Cloudtrap is one of the various Transformers suits you can craft. He is a Leader class Decepticon whose signature weapon is his flamethrower. Cloudtraps full armor grants the player rocket boots, with which to make jump high into air, while also protecting them from fall damage. He transforms into a T-50 Stealth Jet

Transformers Mod Features 5


  • Transformium is the base material required for making any of the armors. It is based on the concept of programmable matter, first introduced in Michael Bay’s live action film ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’. The ore is rarer than Diamond, as it only generates in 2 veins per chunk, and can only be found below layer 10. Each vein can have a maximum of 8 ores.
  • The substance itself is used to make Transformium Molds, which are used to craft every armor in the Mod. Transformium is also used to craft almost every single weapon in the mod.

Transformium Molds

  • The Transformium Molds are used as the bases of all armors/characters in the mod. Regardless of the other ingredients, each part of the armor; helmet, chest piece, leggings or boots, requires the same correlating Mold to finish the recipe.


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Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod


Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 1

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 2


Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 3

Crafting Components

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 4

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 5

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 6


Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 7


Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 8

The Purge set

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 9

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 10

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 11

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 12

The Vurp set

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 13

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 14

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 15

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 16

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 17

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 18

The Subwoofer set

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 19

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 20

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 21

Transformers Mod Crafting Recipes 22


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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