About Water Dome Survival Map

Water Dome Survival Map makes you spawn in a glass dome under water. The water’s surface is covered by stone and bedrock. So, building on the surface is impossible. This is your classic survival map, you can do whatever you want, and have challenges to complete as well.



  • Water Monuments
  • Additional Domes to explore-(currently 8 in Overworld, 1 in Nether)
  • Mine shafts-(slightly more common than vanilla)
  • Lava lakes
  • An Underwater Village of Doom!- Just built, give me feedback!
  • Ores-(normal generation)
  • Strongholds-(7 of them!)
  • Random Effect Machine-(when it activates, it might scare you. There are four bad effects and one good one.)
  • Dropped Rotten Flesh becomes leather!
  • A Better Enderdragon Fight!-Launches fireballs!

Water Dome Survival Map Challenges:

  • Build a furnace.
  • Expand the Dome.
  • Make a wheat farm.
  • Make bread.
  • Make a melon farm.
  • Make a pumpkin farm.
  • Make a reed/sugarcane farm.
  • Make a cactus farm.
  • Build a mob spawner. Bonus: One that gives experience points.
  • Cook fish.
  • Find all the Domes in the overworld.
  • Make a red mushroom farm.
  • Make a brown mushroom farm.
  • Make giant red and brown mushrooms.
  • Build a bed.
  • Make various dyes.
  • Make mushroom stew.
  • Build a bookcase.
  • Get an Ender-pearl.
  • Craft a Jack O’lantern.
  • Craft Snow Golems.
  • Craft a Painting.
  • Make a Nether portal.
  • Find the Dome in the Nether
  • Kill a Blaze
  • Go to the End
  • Kill the Ender Dragon
  • Kill a Wither
  • Kill the boss in the Water Village



How to install:

Download links for Water Dome Survival Map:

For Minecraft 1.8

Normal: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

Hardcore: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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