About Wave Heroes Map

Wave Heroes Map is a 1v1 survival wave map that players must compete to be the last man standing.



  • To start the game, both players on each sides much press start. Once the game begins, it is impossible to revert your decision; you are going to die in the next few minutes.
  • The goal is to survive as long as you can by using strategies like building up armor or simply send extra monsters and water strikes to your opponent using the shop.
  • You can stack up currency and buy multiple monsters, you can even buy the same monsters multiple times too.

The Board

  • The giant board will show you what wave is coming up, along with a countdown.
  • The squares around the board are the wave progression. The color represent the difficulty and the currency earned for facing that wave, as you progress you’ll notice an increasing difficulty.
  • White Square = Easy, gives 1 currency.
  • Yellow Square = Normal, gives 2 currency.
  • Orange/Red = Hard, gives 3 currency.
  • The – sign on the board means you are about to receive a water strike.
  • The + sign on the board means you are about to receive extra monsters.

When you hear a noteblock, it’s because you receive currency.

You can use the shop to buy armors, weapons, health potions, food and buff potions.

Make sure your shop is online (see redstone lamp light) when trying to buy! If the light is off, it means the shop is locked and you must wait (about 2s) – it is to prevent redstone bugs.

Remember to use the enchantment table wisely!

Download links for Wave Heroes Map:


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