You Are the Creeper 2 Mod is a total-conversion mod for Minecraft that turns you into Minecraft’s most hated mob, the Creeper. Upon loading the game, you will appear as a creeper (but with your own skin). That’s not all: mobs will not attack you, villagers will run from you, and a new kind of villager, the warrior, will attack you on sight to protect the other new villager: a king! Kill the king and steal his crown to recruit mobs to join your cause.


My army following me after a village raid.

Hiding in a cave to escape the sun. Daytime is a good time to mine.

Me as a creeper. Also shows a tip: giving your zombies/skeletons hats will prevent them from burning in the sun.

Changes from vanilla Minecraft:


  • You can explode by holding down the ‘h’ key (configurable in the controls). I wonder what happens if you get struck by lightning….
  • You look like a creeper!


  • Right clicking a zombie, creeper, or skeleton with a crown will damage the crown and allow you to access the “Control Mob” GUI, where you can give or take the mob’s equipped items, set the mob’s behavior, and see the mob’s health.
  • After being recruited with a crown, zombies, creepers, and skeletons will attack villagers and other hostile mobs.


  • Villagers are now afraid of you, skeletons, and creepers, and will run from you. You can still trade with them though, if you can catch them! (Left trading in because it’s needed to get some items from other mods, like Forestry. Future versions will probably remove trading from normal villagers and require you to trade with zombie villagers).
  • Each village now generates an imposing stone castle, containing a king and 5 guards, The guards can kill an unarmored creeper in two hits, so be careful! However, if you can get in, the king will drop his crown. Showing this crown to mobs will recruit them to your side!

Items: (All item ids can be changed in .minecraft/config/YATC.cfg! Run the game once to generate this config file)

  • King’s Crown: Dropped by the king, can recruit 15 mobs to your side.
  • Village compass: This red compass will point towards the nearest village if one is close enough, otherwise it will spin wildly. This item is very useful for progressing in YATC.


Download Links for You Are the Creeper 2 Mod:

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