Z Arrows and Stuff Mod (1.20.1, 1.17.1) is a Minecraft modification that adds a wide range of new arrows and related items to the game. This mod enhances the archery aspect of Minecraft, providing players with more options and strategies when it comes to ranged combat.


  • Fire Arrows: Spawns fire on blocks and does extra damage to normal enemies. Can also optionally one-shot Blazes. They do not function in rain and a config-toggle can change their default BOTW-behavior to set entities on fire instead of just doing extra damage and stunning them.
  • Ice Arrows: Spawns ice in water and cobblestone in lava. Stuns enemies in place for a short period and does extra damage to normal enemies. Config toggle can make them spawn frosted ice instead.
  • Shock Arrows: Stuns enemies, does extra damage to enemies and disarms them if they are carrying shields or metal weapons. Also creates an AOE-shockwave effect if they hit water, enemies in rain or most non-solid metal blocks.
  • Bomb Arrows: Creates an explosion on impact that spawns fire, non-functional in rain. Explosion force aside, they also do very large amounts of extra damage to enemies if they make a direct-hit.
  • Light Arrows: Rare arrows that do extra damage to undead mobs.
  • Ancient Arrows: Ancients that automatically kill any non-boss mob and also erase their drops like they do in Breath of the Wild. Craftable using the Ancient Oven block.
  • New bows: Traveler’s, Soldier’s, Golden, Silver.
  • Ancient Oven: Can be used to craft ancient arrows.
  • Stamina System: Player has a stamina stat, which gradually replenishes when they are on the ground. They can climb blocks via holding Z Key or do a spin attack with R Key.
  • Temperature System: Biomes now cause recurring damage if the player has no protection and now specific cold/hot biomes now actually are dangerously cold or hot. There are many ways to avoid freezing/overheating, including special armor sets, potions and food.



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Z Arrows and Stuff Mod (1.20.1, 1.17.1) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.20.1

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