Complementary Unbound ShaderPack (1.20.2, 1.19.4) marks the most extensive update ever rolled out for this shader package. It unites both Complementary Reimagined Shaders and Complementary Shaders to create the ultimate Complementary bundle. This release introduces a plethora of new features, extensive refinements, and significant enhancements.


  • Fixed an error when enabling Atmosphere Color Multipliers while Light Shafts are disabled.
  • The Fantasy style has been renamed to “Unbound” to better communicate the recently reworked visuals
  • Reworked Unbound clouds:
    • Fully volumetric, meaning the player can fly through them
    • Improved detail, fog and lighting compared to the old Fantasy clouds
    • No extra performance cost over the Reimagined clouds
  • Reworked the Nether dimension:
    • Added “Nether Storm” effect. Consists of animated volumetric smoke
    • Reworked color handling and added “Color Mode” setting to determine biome color influence
    • Tweaked lighting, fog and bloom handling for better visibility alongside better visuals
  • Reworked rainy/snowy weather visuals:
    • Reworked color handling to achieve a more natural color balance
    • Tweaked atmosphere to stay balanced at all times and with all performance settings
    • Tweaked fog and lighting for better visibility
    • Added waving effect to the rain/snow texture
    • Incrased opacity of the rain texture
  • Reworked Unbound water caustics to look more realistic
  • Improved the consistency of Scene-Aware Light Shafts
  • Improved block reflection filtering to reduce smudging around block edges and on held items
  • Improved TAA accuracy.
  • Improved shadow filtering
  • Added rainbows. They appear after rain during morning/evenings by default
  • Added subtle texture coating to the Unbound moon
  • Added Distance Blur and Depth of Field options alongside many customization settings
  • Added “Versatile” Selection Outline option
  • Added “Lens Flare” option and “Lens Flare Intensity” setting
  • Added Moon Phase Influence options for night lighting and moon reflections
  • Added “Dark Outline” option with two thickness choices
  • Added “World Outline Thickness” and “World Outline Brightness” settings
  • Added an option to completely disable Bloom and added more values to the Bloom Strength slider
  • Added “Cloud Quality” performance setting
  • Added “Cloud Speed”, “Cloud Amount”, and “Cloud Size” settings
  • Added “Reduce Close-up Particles” option
  • Added “Waving Speed” and “Waving Intensity” settings for waving blocks
  • Added a file for users to add custom dimensions easier (Iris feature)
  • IntegratedPBR changes:
    • Improved held item reflection handling
    • Added “Green Screen Lime Blocks” option
    • Added opacity handling for Physics Mod rain/snow
    • Increased reflectiveness of Honey Block and Slime Block
    • Reduced the smoothness of End Stone and End Stone Bricks
    • Slightly reduced intensity of Generated Normals on held items
    • Fixed amethyst crystals not being as reflective as amethyst blocks
    • Fixed guardians glowing with some resource packs
    • IntegratedPBR glowing ores are now enabled by default with the Unbound visual style
  • IntegratedPBR changes that use Iris features:
    • Added specular and emission support for all held blocks, dropped blocks, and blocks in item frames
    • Added specular and emission support for all tools, all armor, and a ton of other items
    • Added “Glowing Armor Trim” option
    • Made entity flame consistent with normal fire
  • Tweaked sky bottom and atmospheric fog color handling
  • Tweaked block reflection handling to be a bit more intense and natural
  • Tweaked Unbound water parallax effect
  • Tweaked Unbound sun/moon to have better defined edges
  • Tweaked sun/moon handling to be more compatible with resource packs
  • Enabled Nether portal effects on all RP Support modes
  • Reduced sun glare brightness
  • Reduced shadow blurring during rain and in the End dimension to fix incorrect shadowing
  • Slightly improved performance of Low quality Reimagined clouds
  • Slightly tweaked water surface color
  • Slightly reduced sunlight blue intensity during noon
  • Slightly reduced sun/moon reflection intensity on water
  • Slightly reduced the size of Unbound sun/moon
  • Slightly reduced Unbound water medium-wave strength
  • Block Reflection Quality is now set to High by default
  • Reduced default Light Shaft Quality values on Medium and High profiles
  • Detail Quality setting now impacts more effects
  • Detail Quality is now set to High with the Very High profile
  • Increased the range of Cloud Layer Altitude sliders
  • Made the Color Balance settings menu more user friendly
  • Fixed Ender Nebula looking too noisy on lower profiles
  • Fixed lava looking brighter on Iris
  • Fixed blending issues with the “Vanilla” cloud style
  • Fixed shadows looking incorrect during rain with “Very Low” Shadow Sample Quality
  • Fixed reflections turning into patches of darkness in some situations
  • Fixed blocklight blending looking incorrect in some situations
  • Fixed waving vines clipping through blocks
  • Fixed translucent blending of Ender Nebula producing too saturated results
  • Fixed entities in the End having blocky shadows
  • Optimized texture files.



Optifine or Iris Shaders

How to install:

Complementary Unbound Shaders (1.20.2, 1.19.4) Download Links

For All Versions from Minecraft 1.7.10 to Minecraft 1.20.2, 1.20.1, 1.19.4

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