TPAPlusPlus Mod (1.20.4, 1.20.1) elevates multiplayer gameplay by enhancing the teleportation mechanics in Minecraft. This modification introduces an advanced teleportation system that goes beyond the standard teleportation features present in the vanilla game. Whether you’re a server administrator seeking to improve user convenience or a player looking for efficient travel options, TPAPlusPlus simplifies and enriches the multiplayer experience.


  • Enhanced Teleportation: TPAPlusPlus expands on the basic teleportation capabilities by introducing advanced features such as teleportation requests, home systems, and waypoints. Players can seamlessly move between locations, facilitating collaboration and exploration.
  • Teleportation Requests: The mod allows players to send and receive teleportation requests, enhancing communication and coordination among players. This feature ensures that teleportation is a collaborative experience, preventing unwanted surprises or intrusions.
  • Home Systems: TPAPlusPlus introduces a home system that enables players to set custom locations as their homes. This feature is particularly useful for establishing personalized bases or designated gathering points, providing quick access to essential locations.
  • Waypoints: Players can set waypoints at specific coordinates, making it easier to navigate vast landscapes. Waypoints serve as markers that players can teleport to, streamlining exploration and reducing the need for manual navigation.


  • /tpa <player>: Sends a teleportation request to the specified player.
  • /tpahere <player>: Invites a player to teleport to your current location.
  • /sethome <name>: Sets your current location as a home point with the specified name.
  • /home <name>: Teleports you to the home point with the specified name.
  • /waypoint set <name>: Sets a waypoint at your current coordinates.
  • /waypoint teleport <name>: Teleports you to the waypoint with the specified name.


  • tpaplusplus.tpa: Allows players to send teleportation requests.
  • tpaplusplus.tpahere: Permits players to invite others to their location.
  • tpaplusplus.sethome: Grants players the ability to set home points.
  • tpaplusplus.home: Allows players to teleport to their home points.
  • tpaplusplus.waypoint: Permits players to set and teleport to waypoints.
  • tpaplusplus.admin: Grants server administrators access to all mod-related commands and features.


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