Scary Bees Mod (1.20.1) is a captivating modification that introduces a spine-chilling twist to the peaceful world of bees in Minecraft. Crafted by adept modders, this mod adds a new dimension of danger and excitement to beekeeping, transforming once docile creatures into formidable adversaries that will send shivers down players’ spines.


  • Frightening Bee Varieties: The core feature of the Scary Bees Mod is the introduction of frightening bee varieties that players must contend with while exploring the Minecraft world. From venomous stingers and razor-sharp mandibles to eerie glowing eyes and ominous buzzing, these bees are a far cry from their docile counterparts, posing a formidable threat to unwary adventurers.
  • Sinister Beehives: In addition to scary bees, the mod introduces sinister beehives that serve as the breeding grounds for these menacing creatures. Hidden in dark corners of the Minecraft world, these beehives are home to swarms of aggressive bees that will attack players on sight, turning a routine trip through the wilderness into a harrowing ordeal.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Players who encounter scary bees and their beehives must be prepared to face the consequences. These bees are fiercely territorial and will defend their hives with relentless aggression, chasing players down and inflicting painful stings that can cause damage over time. With their heightened senses and uncanny intelligence, scary bees are a force to be reckoned with, adding an element of danger and suspense to the Minecraft experience.
  • Unique Drops and Rewards: Despite their menacing appearance, defeating scary bees and conquering their beehives can yield valuable rewards for players brave enough to face the challenge. From rare bee-related items and materials to unique crafting recipes and potions, players can reap the benefits of their conquest and use their spoils to enhance their gameplay experience.


How to install:

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Scary Bees Mod (1.20.1) Download Links

For Minecraft  1.20.1

Fabric/Quilt version: Download from Server 1

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